How to Beat The Towel Challenge On TikTok In 2022

Have you also gone through the TikTok videos of the towel challenge and are now wondering how you can possibly do that? Don’t worry, it is not as complex as it looks, with our guidance you will soon understand how to beat the towel challenge on TikTok. 

To beat the towel challenge you have to first snag two towels. Hold and grip one towel from each side while your partner does the same, interlocking each other’s towel held in the same manner. As you make a loop on one side, you just have to slide the loop under the towel on your wrist and make the loop to pass it over to your hand and wrist, thus the other person will be able to pull the towel. 

If you search the hashtag off the towel challenge on TikTok, you will already find over 23.3 Million views, the number of which is rapidly increasing. As this has become such a trend, you too would want to do this challenge and post it to get popularity, right? But, for this, you will first need  to know how this challenge can be completed. 

Let us know everything about this newly introduced towel challenge on TikTok and how you can beat this effortlessly. 

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What Is The Towel Challenge On TikTok?

Some of you must only have heard of this Towel Challenge being popular on TikTok, but are still not aware of what this is all about. Well, this is a “Two” towel challenge that you would love to do with your partner. 

In this challenge, you and your partner take a towel each, roll them up and then make a loop through each other’s towel. While both of you are holding both ends of the towels, you two have to untangle them without letting any side go. Sounds impossible? But it is not, and we will let you know how you can make it possible without much hard work. 

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How To Beat The Towel Challenge?

If you want to beat the towel challenge on TikTok, first you need a partner to do this challenge with, and you will also need two towels. Make sure that they are mismatched so that you can easily differentiate them. Oh yes! There is another important thing you would need – a good camera setup to record your video while you successfully do this challenge. Now, you have to join hands with a friend.

See, this is not as complicated or difficult as it seems, especially if you have heard about the rope challenge when you escape the rope without letting go of any of its ends. The same trick will apply to the towels as well except that here you will also need to use the flexibility of your body.

You can do this by first trying out the escape rope trick, which will make it easier for you to comprehend how it is exactly done. So, you have to first take two ropes and tie them to your wrists, looping them just like you have to do in the towel challenge. 

Actually, you have to make a loop on one side, and on your wrist, you have to slide the same loop under the rope. Now you have to make a loop with the rope that you have slid through while passing it over your wrist. As you do this, your partner will be able to pull their rope free out of the loop. 

In the same manner, you can follow the exact procedure and beat the towel challenge and make your video while doing this, and then share it on your account and surprise your friends who are still not aware of how this is done. 

 You might fail for the first or second time, but if you give a few shots and keep trying, plus if your partner has also properly understood the trick, you will eventually get a hold of how to playfully do this. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have clearly understood how to beat the towel challenge and are all set to create your own TikTok on the same and share it on your profile. Do not forget to use the hashtag for the challenge so that you can receive more views. So just decide on who you will choose as your partner and get the towels from your restroom and enjoy this challenge.

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