Who Was Jono? How Did He Die in The Kitchen?

Netflix’s ‘The Kitchen is not just a cinematic treat; it dissects the socio-political milieu of an imaginary world and blends that backdrop with its narrative. The film reveals how love and community are discovered anew through a touching relationship between a man and his son-like boy. Amongst the complicated storytelling, one motif is a tribute to Jono and Naz. We will take a closer look at the biography of Jonathan “Jono” Gales and what led him to an early demise.

Who Was Jono in ‘The Kitchen’

Jonathan Gales, also known as Jono, is significant as the VFX Creative Director of ‘The Kitchen.’ In addition to that, his work played a huge role in adding depth and visual flair to this film, which focuses on the immersive nature of story sequencing.

Tragic Departure

Tragedy came on November 19, 2022, as a tragedy when Jono died in a car accident. The 36-year-old creative genius was killed by Madarang, who hit him and another pedestrian on her one-way streets while driving recklessly. Madarang tried to leave the area, collided with another vehicle and was arrested by police officers. Madarang’s actions resulted in the loss of a gifted individual and an admirable member of society due to suspicion of drunken driving.

Legacy and Personal Life

Jono Gales has left a lasting mark on the visual effects industry and creative storytelling world. Partnering with Paul Nicholls and Kibwe Tavares, the co-founder of Factory Fifteen, to create a media platform that revealed what could be in architectural design thanks to technology, he created films. Their cooperation stretched to renowned ventures such as the BAFTA-winning BBC’s promo video for Tokyo 2020 ‘Let’s Go There,’ and collaborations with household names like Formula 1, British Film Institute and Film4.

Multifaceted Individual

Aside from his cinematographic success, Jono was a multifaceted person. Born in New Jersey, he studied architecture at the University of Brighton and Bartlett School of Architecture. His achievements included winning the first prize at the Architectural 3D Awards in 2011, and the Fitzroy Robinson Drawing Prize in Year of 201. His artworks graced respected locations such as the Royal Academy of Arts London.

Remembering a Cyclist and Enthusiast

Jono’s interests went beyond the world of creativity. He was a keen cyclist and racer with Cat 1 license.

This competitive spirit brought him to triumph at the Tour of the Hopfields Nat B race, which also bespoke his work ethic both in and outside the field.

Legacy of Family and Friends

This leaves Jonathan “Jono” Gales’s wife, Claire Pepper, and their two children, the younger of whom was born a few months after his untimely death. They also lost a dear member of the family, as his parents and two brothers do. Jono has been described as a “kind, considerate and dedicated husband and father”. His energy for life while displaying an innate interest in world cultures is drastically missed by those fortunate enough to have known him.


The tribute in The Kitchen is an emotional reminder of Jono’s influence on culture and how he has shaped lives around him. His legacy is immortalised through his works and the memories cherished by friends and relatives.

Rest in peace, Jonathan “Jono” Gales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What was the character of Jonathan “Jono” Gales, and what role did he play in ‘The Kitchen’?

Jonathan Gales, Jono for short VFX Creative Director The Kitchen, offers a visual movie with richness and depth of story.

Q2. What killed Jono Gales?

The reckless driver that caused a one-way street road accident on November 19, 2022, claimed Jono Gales’s life was tragic.

Q3. How did Jono Gales leave a mark on the creative world?

Jono established Factory Fifteen, with whom they explored the future of architecture and technology. Its accomplishments are the BAFTA-winning BBC’s Tokyo 2020 promo video and partnership with reputed brands.

Q4. What were some things that Jono Gales did outside his creative life?

Jono was a professional cyclist and race fanatic who won the Tour of the Hopfield Nat B.

Q5. What does Jono Gales mean to his loved ones?

Indeed, he was considered a “wonderful husband and father” full of enthusiasm and cultural interest by his wife and parents’ brothers deeply missed.

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