How To Become Best Buddies Pokemon Go?

We all have our most loving and favorite Pokemon no matter whether it is more useful or less. And if you also have one, you just want to become best buddies with that one in Pokemon Go, don’t you? This will subsequently provide you with some great benefits as well, so it is going to be useful. 

To become best buddies in Pokemon Go, you have to first make a Pokemon your buddy and then perform certain activities with it. These include playing with your buddy, feeding it berries, walking with it, taking its snapshots, and using your buddy Pokemon for battles, and you will definitely become Best Buddies. 

In Pokemon Go, you must have caught a lot of different Pokemon, but have you ever thought of making one of them your best buddy? If you haven’t yet, then now is the time to let your favorite Pokemon in the game wear a special ribbon that would resemble the deep friendship between you two. 

Now, without wasting more time, we are going to learn how to have the best buddy in Pokemon Go food yourself. 

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How To Become Best Buddies Pokemon Go?

To make a Pokemon your best buddy in Pokemon Go, you will need to pass through several buddy levels with that Pokemon because being Best Buddies means reaching the highest level of friendship in this game, which won’t be that simple. 

These stages of friendship include Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and finally the Best Buddy. To get to the higher stages, you need to win as many Affection hearts as you can. 

While you require just one affection heart to become good buddies with your Pokemon, to reach the second level of Great Buddy, you need to have 70 Affection Hearts, for the Ultra Buddy level, having 150 Affection Hearts is a must, and finally to become the best buddy, you need 300 Affection hearts. 

So, first, you must choose a favorite Pokemon of yours which whom you want to be best buddies. Then make it your buddy in the game. Now begins the work of becoming best buddies by passing through different stages one by one. 

To begin with, you have to do a few things on regular basis with your buddy Pokemon if you want to be best buddies with it at the earliest possible time. 

These things include feeding at least three berries a day to your buddy Pokemon, you must daily pet and play with your buddy, frequently take a snapshot of your Pokemon, and use this buddy Pokemon of yours in as many PvP, Training, or Gym battles as possible, three battles a day is a must. 

As you do all these things regularly for one to two weeks, you will have earned enough affection hearts to cross the first stage of friendship with this Buddy Pokemon. 

Next, you have to walk with your buddy for at least 3 km. Then again feed your buddy a berry, play with it, take its snapshot, and compete in a lot of battles with it in the game regularly. 

Once you have reached the second stage too, again walk with your buddy for another 2 Km. Then again you have to continue the same routine of feeding a berry to your buddy, playing with it, taking its snapshot in the GO Snapshot mode, and completing any one battle either Gym, Training, or a PvP battle with your buddy. 

Now you are about to reach the ultimate, the final level of friendship, for which again you have to first take a 2 km walk with the same buddy you have. 

Then you need to feed a berry to this buddy, play with it, take its snapshot and complete a battle with your buddy. 

Once you are done collecting all the 300 Affection Hearts by performing all these activities with your Buddy Pokemon that you mentioned, you will see how soon you two will become the Best Buddies in the game. 

Wrap Up

Making a PPokemon your best buddy is not a that hard task for Pokemon Go players. All you need is a Pokemon that is really favorite to you and you will automatically want to spend more time with it feeding and playing with it as well as using it for the battles, and subsequently, you will become best buddies.

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