How To Catch A Bagon In Pokemon Go?

Finding a Bagon in Pokemon Go is not as hard of a task as catching one is. So, if you have got a chance to fight against a Bagon, you must be ready by knowing the right way how to catch a Bagon in Pokemon Go, so, do you want to know this?

We know that there are different types of Pokemon you will find in Pokemon Go, and based on these types all these Pokemon have varying strengths and weaknesses according to which the players need to prepare to win a battle against the opposing Pokemon so that they can finally catch it. 

To catch a Bagon in Pokemon Go, you need to use some strong Pokemon of either Dragon Type, Ice Type, or Fairy Type. Once you beat the Bagon, you have to catch it during the encounter using the Premier Balls by making the right throw. Keep reading if you want to know some more important things to be considered while catching a Bagon. 

Let us see in detail how we can catch a Bagon in Pokemon Go so that you do not miss your chance at any step throughout the game. 

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How To Catch A Bagon In Pokemon Go?

Before jumping in to obtain a Pokemon, you must always be aware of the strong as well as weak points of that species so that you can prepare and act accordingly and increase of chances of beating as well as catching the Pokemon. 

As for Bagon, this one is a purely Dragon Type Pokemon that is resistant to the following types of Pokemon(also mentioned the damage Bagon can take from these Pokemon):

1. Fire Type – 63% Damage

2. Grass Type – 63% Damage

3. Electric Type – 63% Damage

4. Water Type – 63% Damage

On the other side there are only three types of Pokemon from which a Bagon takes a good amount of damage, these are:

1. Dragon Type – 160% Damage

2. Ice Type – 160% Damage

3. Fairy Type – 160% Damage

So, if you face a Bagon during the battle that you are willing to catch, make sure that you use one of these three types of Pokemon at that time so that you have more chances of winning the battle. 

To make things easier for you, we have also prepared a list of the best counter Pokemon for a Bagon that will definitely assure your victory over this Dragon Type Pokemon so that you can catch it. 

1. Kyurem (100% effective)

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

Charged Move: Outrage

2. Darmanitan (99% effective)

Fast Move: Ice Fang

Charged Move: Avalanche

3. Palkia (93% effective)

Fast Move – Dragon Tail

Charged Move – Draco Meteor

4. Rayquaza (92% effective)

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

Charged Move: Outrage

5. Salamence (90% effective)

Fast Move: Dragon Tail

Charged Move: Outrage

6. Zacian (88% effective)

Fast Move: Snarl

Charged Move: Play Rough

So, if you have any of these Pokemon, make sure that you use them during the battle against a Bagon and also use the best Movesets of these Pokemon just as we have mentioned above. 

Once you have defeated a Bagon in the battle, you will be given a chance to catch this Pokemon during the encounter. At that time, you will be provided with a limited number of Premier balls, so make sure that you use them carefully and at least make a great throw so that you can catch the Pokemon.

If you want to further increase your chances of catching the Bagon you are encountering, you must feed it a Razz berry which will help calm the Pokemon and you will be able to make the right shot with your Poke Ball easily. 

Wrap Up

If you properly follow this guide, no one can stop you from catching a Bagon in Pokemon and it will be soon yours in your Pokedex. So, what is the wait for? Just get one or two good counter Pokemon for a Bagon and land into the battle with this Dragon Type in Pokemon Go.

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