How To CrossPlay In Borderlands 3? Simple Tips To Follow

CrossPlay has been added to Borderlands 3 as a feature. Well!! In most of the games, the CrossPlay feature is enabled by default. But in Borderlands 3, it needs to be manually enabled. If you want to know “How To CrossPlay In Borderlands 3”, this full article is only for you.

You do not have to do something very special in Borderlands 3 in order to enable its CrossPlay feature. You just need to follow some steps, then you will be done by enabling it. Yes, that’s true! Just 5 simple steps!

Wanna know about these steps? Go through the full article then.

Is Borderlands 3 Supports Full CrossPlay?

Borderlands 3 full CrossPlay was made available by Gearbox Software. Without respect to the platform they use, you can play with all of your friends. Since the parties concerned couldn’t come to an agreement on the parameters, Playstation owners were previously left out. The wait is over, and PS4 owners may finally interact with the greater Borderlands 3 community.

How To CrossPlay In Borderlands 3? 5 Basic Steps

In order to enable CrossPlay in Borderlands 3, you will need to follow these 5 simple steps in your Borderlands 3 account:

  • First, log in to your account
  • You can get CrossPlay options
  • Players need to establish CrossPlay Display Name
  • Select Social from the top menu
  • Lastly, gamers are allowed to invite friends to a lobby

How To Disable CrossPlay In Borderlands 3 After You Enabling It?

If you already enabled CrossPlay and now you want to disable it, follow these steps:

Network & Social Menu> General Section> Options Menu> CrossPlay> Disable

Is There CrossPlay Between Epic And Steam For Borderlands 3?

With the help of SHiFT Matchmaking, Borderlands 3 supports PC CrossPlay across Steam and the Epic Games Store. You will be presented with a “PC CrossPlay” screen with the choice to enable or disable this functionality when you first open Borderlands 3 on Steam or an Epic after applying a new patch.


Here is everything to need to know about Enabling the CrossPlay feature for Borderlands 3. CrossPlay is considered the most important and interesting feature in every online video game. But in Borderlands 3 you have to do some 5 basic steps in order to enable it which we have discussed above. After doing these steps, if your CrossPlay feature is still not enabled, then you need to contact the Service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Borderlands 3 for PS4, how can I add friends?

Go to the Roster Page by choosing social from the main menu or pausing the game. You ought to find a list of all your Epic Games Store (EGS) friends here. The opportunity to invite them should appear when you click on their name.

How to access multiplayer mode in Borderlands 3?

First, navigate to the main menu and select the “Social” option to enter multiplayer mode. This will take you to Borderlands 3’s multiplayer choices.

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