How To Catch Alpha Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Do you also want to get the bigger as well as stronger versions of Pokemon in Legends Arceus? Then the only way for that is to go get some Alpha Pokemon in your Pokedex. Now the question that you might also be having on your mind is how to catch Alpha Pokemon, but don’t worry, because we know the answer. 

There is a variety of Pokemon that you will find in the game Pokemon Legends Arceus. While a lot of these species here are quite weak and not worth using in battles, tables turn if you catch the alpha forms of the same Pokemon. Alphas are the wild versions that are much more powerful than the regular forms, so, catching them also requires the right strategy and a lot of effort. 

To catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you need to have enough Heavy Balls and Berries or food items preferred by that particular Alpha. Then, you need to use your bait to distract it and apply the Back Strike as soon as it turns to eat the food. Using your Heavy Ball will increase your chances of catching it to a great extent. 

We know that there are still a lot of doubts that you want to clarify regarding the catching process of Alpha Pokemon in the game, so, just keep reading and get all your answers. 

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How To Catch Alpha Pokemon In Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Catching an Alpha Pokemon takes a lot of pain in Pokemon Legends Arceus but if you are going in the right direction, you can soon achieve that. 

First of all, to make the Alpha Pokemon start frequently appearing in the wild for you, you will need to defeat the Noble Pokemon of that region. 

Once Alpha Pokemon start making appearances, you can either battle them or catch them. However, if you are planning to battle such strong Pokemon in the game, it is near to impossible, so the best thing would be that you use other means to get it without jumping into any battle. 

You should first be sure that the Pokemon you have encountered is an Alpha, which you can confirm with its comparatively larger size and red glowing eyes. 

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There are two items that are mandatory for you to possess if you really want to catch an Alpha Pokemon, these are heavy balls and berries. Make sure that you have a lot of them with you. 

As for the Heavy Balls, you will receive its recipe from Cyllene on reaching Star Rank 1. This recipe will require you to use an Apricot and a Black Tumblestone for crafting your Heavy Balls to catch Alpha Pokemon. 

And berries, you can get them either from the store in the Jubilife Village or you can also farm berries on the trees in the starting area of Obsidian Fieldlands. Apart from berries, you can also use other kinds of Bait like Honey Cake or Mushroom which are good to use for distracting the Alpha Pokemon and then catching it easily. 

If you want to be able to view which food item is preferred by specific Pokemon, you must have completed enough research tasks to get this feature. 

Now, once you locate an Alpha Pokemon, approach it and toads around three to four Sticky Globs to make the icon above the head of that Pokemon yellow in color. This will represent that the Pokemon is stunned. 

Once this happens, you have to circle around it and throw your Ultra Ball, it will be better if you throw a Heavy Ball toward it and you will be able to catch it. 

Alternatively, you can try another way where you have to crouch near the Alpha Pokemon in the tall grass, you need to press button B. 

Then, you can toss a berry or any other preferred food item of that particular Alpha Pokemon so that it turns to have it. 

As soon as the Pokemon turns towards you, you can throw your Heavy Ball towards it to get a Back Strike.  Remember that if you are unable to catch it with the Heavy Ball, you have to be ready to be attacked or chased by that Alpha Pokemon. 

If this happens, just summon Wyrdeer and start running away unless you stop seeing the red eye detection icon. 

Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about how to catch Alpha Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus because this is the only version of Pokemon Games where you are going to find such wild species. If you still find any kind of difficulty in the process, you can tell us where you need assistance via the comments section and we shall help you out. 

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