What is a Minecraft SMP? 6 Best Available

There are many methods to participate in Minecraft SMP. You can turn into a speed runner and compete against the clock or design a world that is your own. In the game’s multiplayer aspect, your sky is only from endless mini-games and community server servers to find something fun to play with your time in Minecraft.

SMP is a shorthand in the form of Survival Multiplayer. The games gained popularity in the past year, as Dream SMP was an instant hit.

It’s a nebulous concept, but the users who play on the Minecraft server would like to see it in the end. In the instance of Dream SMP, it was scripted and had an intriguing story. For others, an SMP could be a social server that players get together with their buddies to play Minecraft.

If you’re searching in search of SMP servers, or an SMP server, understanding the different kinds of them will help you decide which server to put your trust in.

6 Minecraft SMP Servers That Are Available


The majority of SMPs have rules, and breaking those rules could result in you being exiled. If you’re looking to jump directly into the action without any preparation, then look no further than Anarchy SMP servers.

Anarchy SMP servers don’t have rules, meaning players can play whatever they want within the servers. While the wildlife might initially seem appealing, it can become monotonous rapidly due to the savage atmosphere of these servers.


Factions are the closest kind of server that you’ll have the chance to experience the SMP experience that you can share on YouTube. With Factions SMP, users will have the option to become a member of the faction to get land, loot, or even fight against other factions.

Factions SMP servers typically encourage the PvP element in Minecraft because you’ll have to settle conflicts between factions in a method, even if it’s not diplomacy.


The entire Minecraftgameplay gameplay experience is enjoyable enough to draw hundreds of gamers every day. As players become more involved in the game, they can explore the many mods that can make Minecraft much more enjoyable.

Modified SMP servers will come with their own mod set, which players will have to download before participating in the game. These are necessary for realizing the full potential of the server. The requirements vary between servers, which means you might require an entirely different set of modifications to play on a different server, from gaming-related to visual.

If you are spending most of your time playing Modded SMP servers, It could be beneficial to create distinct mod folders that can be dragged on the drop based on the server you’ll be playing.


A few Minecraft players are a fan of PvP as a feature in the game. For those who love to be creative, PvP may be frustrating at times because there could be players trying to disrupt your gameplay.

Peaceful SMP servers do not allow PvP, allowing players to move forward and communicate in a less tense but less chaotic setting.


Skyblock SMP servers could be thought of in a contest against the clock. When you join one of them, you’ll be on a floating, secluded island. Your primary goal is to figure out how to get the most value of the resources available to make sure you survive on the island while expanding the area.


The unexplored Minecraft experience is still enjoyable, even if you’re a veteran. The fun is even greater playing with friends, which is the point where Vanilla SMP servers are available.

Vanilla SMP servers allow players to experience the classic Minecraft gaming experience alongside their fellow players. Although there will be no omissions regarding content, you’ll not be able to enjoy the high-quality options that some games offer.


Even if you’d like to switch to Vanilla, you might not be able to fully Vanilla. After you’ve become accustomed to the meta-game Vanilla experience, the Vanilla experience can feel slow or even grinding.

Semi-Vanilla servers attempt to correct the issue by allowing plugins that enhance the gameplay enjoyable without altering the gameplay in any way.

How can you join an SMP server on Minecraft?

In most instances, the process of signing up to an SMP server within Minecraft will not be like joining a different server. It is necessary to find an SMP server near you from a list of servers, then enter its IP address Minecraft. Minecraft to connect to it. After you’ve stepped foot into a server, you could be greeted with a plethora of rules. If you’re hoping to stay on the server, taking note of these rules could make a difference later.

Also, you can find inviting – or reviews-based SMP servers that are focused on playing games. Servers like this generally have a website that accepts applications and then reviews each one at a time. The request forms might require you to make your character before the application and create a background story that you’ll live by when you are admitted into the server.

While it may sound like something that takes a lot of effort, It’s quite fun to play a role on an SMP server is an extremely enjoyable experience for a lot of Minecraft users because gamers take the game seriously. When you are a permanent participant in your server’s community, you’ll learn more about the story. You may find yourself becoming one of the most important components of the storyline of a server.

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