How To Catch Zorua In Pokemon Go?

Do you wish to possess a new Dark-type new pokemon in Pokemon Go? If yes, then Zorua is the best Pokemon for you. Do you know about Zorua? It is a recent addition to Pokemon Go, which is in high demand due to its interesting qualities and its much more powerful evolution form- Zoroark.

Even after having a lot of Pokemon in Pokemon Go, whenever a new Pokemon is launched, everyone’s eyes are on it. Very excitedly, they want their Pokemon to be with them in the game, so they try hard to get that pokemon in their team. But being a new pokemon to the game, everyone doesn’t know how to catch it in a proper manner. The same goes with the Zorua now. But with the help of our today’s article, you will be guided properly to catch it.

If you want a Zorua in Pokemon Go, you should be prepared to fight for it or put up with some difficulty that may be irritating for you. In short, you can get this Pokemon as a wild spawn in Pokemon Go. 

Here after reading this article, you will get to know everything about how you can add Zorua to your list and how you can evolve into its most powerful form Zoroark.

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How To Catch Zorua In Pokemon Go?

Zorua is currently available as a wild spawn in Pokemon Go but it is not visible on the map. Similar to Ditto, it uses its special abilities to disguise itself. So, finding it in Pokemon Go is quite difficult. Currently, the only way to catch Zorua is by catching its buddy pokemon.

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Let me explain. Zorua is capable of transforming into other Pokemon, but not in the way that Ditto can. It can take the shape of another buddy pokemon and mimics the same pokemon which is present at that time. For example, if you have Pikachu as your Buddy Pokemon and it’s commonly found in that area, so it will become hard for you to find the actual Zorua because everywhere you will see a lot of Pikachu only.

As a result, catching a Zorua with that Pokemon which is difficult to find is the best way to catch it. If you are in an area where you will know that Zorua will spawn, then in that case setting a rare pokemon as your buddy is a good idea because you won’t see it anytime. If you come across one in the wild, you have probably a great chance of finding Zorua. Then, after that, you simply need to catch it normally. 

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Tips For Finding Zorua

If you are finding difficulty in catching Zorua then you need to assign that Buddy Pokemon which has these features:

  • A Legendary/Rare Pokemon
  • A Shadow or Purified Pokemon
  • A Shiny Pokemon

A Legendary or Rare Pokemon: This is the best trick to finding Zorua. If you select a rare pokemon as your Buddy Pokemon, then you are most likely to get Zorua.

A Shadow or Purified Pokemon: Another method is to make a purified or shadow pokemon as your Buddy. These kinds of Pokemon mostly have purple shadows and white auras, which Zorua’s disguise will retain when it appears.

A Shiny Pokemon: Most players are aware that shiny pokemon do not appear as shiny in the overworld map. But Zorua is the only pokemon that appears in its shiny forms, that’s why catching it with a shiny pokemon is easy. 


By considering all these things in mind, you will easily be able to catch Zorua in Pokemon Go. Catching it is a little bit tricky task but not an impossible one. After catching it, you will be able to evolve it into another powerful new pokemon which is Zoroark.

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