How To Change Hairstyle In Pokemon Go?

Well!! Not just only on Snapchat, people like to customize their avatars in the gaming world also. Just like in Pokemon Go, many players are bored with using the same character every time. So, the game has given them the facility to alter clothes, hair, skin, and many things. 

But, many players are struggling in changing the hairstyle of their avatars. They don’t find any option to modify their hair in Pokemon Go. Let’s find it now how to change your hairstyle in Pokemon Go.

Unfortunately, you don’t have access to change your avatar’s hairstyle in Pokemon Go right now. This is the reason that players don’t find any option for it. But you can change other features of your avatar which we can discuss in the article.

If you wanna know more about Pokemon’s Go avatar, then finish reading this article up to the end.

How To Change Hairstyle In Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, Niantic does not actually permit players to change or modify their haircut. However, you can still change your hair color, and there is a tonne of other character customization possibilities. 

How to customize your avatar?

You must go to the avatar customization screen in Pokemon Go if you want to change anything about your avatar. Tap the icon for your avatar in the lower left corner of the Pokemon Go screen to get there. On the following screen, you will have three options Buddy, Journal, and Style. 

How to change the outfit of your avatar?

You have to click on the Style Icon to continue. In this area, you can change your attire, headwear, stances, and more. In case of outfit, you can change your hats, shirts, gloves, and pants.

How to change other features of your avatar?

You have to click the face icon which is located on the right side of the screen. After tapping it, an appearance menu came. Here in this menu, you are allowed to change the more permanent features of the avatar like hair color, eye color, skin color, and even gender. 

How to save your avatar after customizing it?

When finished, simply choose the hit button to save your choice. But if you like to carry on with the customization just tap the X on the lower right side of the screen to prevent it from saving. Fortunately, there is no restriction on how frequently you can switch things up.

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What did You find Inside The Hair Menu Of Pokemon Go?

However, as I said at the beginning of the article, if you want to modify your hairstyle, this will let you down. However, you can access the hair menu in the appropriate manner if you need to change the color of your hair.

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So, as you now know that Niantic has not yet added the option for you to change the hairstyle of your character in Pokemon Go. This implies that you cannot modify your hairstyle after choosing it at the beginning of your game. You may even be locked in that position indefinitely, or at least until Niantic decides to add a later option to change it. Till then you have to wait for the next Ninatic’s announcement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In Pokemon Let’s Go, how do you acquire different hairstyles?

Swipe your fingers diagonally from left to right across your partner’s Pokemon head with two fingers to give you messy and untidy hair.

How can you unlock the Sinnoh hairstyle in Pokemon Go?

Sinnoh Fashion The Sinnoh Style is a supplementary final hairstyle that players can get. You must capture every Pokemon listed in the Pokedex and come across a specific Mythical Pokemon at the game’s conclusion in order to get this style. 

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