How to Solve PS4 DNS Error?

PS4 DNS errors are triggered due to the DNS setting on the WiFi connection, or LAN is not working correctly. If you’ve ever encountered this error, it is likely to be difficult to solve the issue. When you read the reviews of users, many people look on the internet for PS4 errors and solutions. PS4 error stops users from accessing the online features on their PS4.

Before you attempt to fix the PS4 DNS Error 31253 4 or other errors, it is important to ensure that there isn’t any issue with your WiFi connection or LAN. It is possible to connect to the same Network with other devices. If you’ve already connected with the internet, you’ll want to determine if your devices are having issues connecting to the internet. If they’re not having any issues surfing the internet, This article will offer you some solutions that can be used to fix the NW 31253 4 PS4 issue.

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What is a DNS Error on PS4?

DNS is a slang term for DNS is the acronym for Domain Name System, and DNS is the most important thing in mapping IP addresses into domain names. If you try to connect your PS4 using the internet-connected via the incorrect DNS servers, errors will appear on your screen. DNS errors are often because of network changes and failure to adjust attempts to use the latest network settings.

How to Fix PS4 DNS Error: NW 31253 4.

If this PS4 DNS error occurs, NW 31253 4 appears in the background; it prevents gamers from playing games or using other functions that are available on PS4. A PS4 DNS error is usually encountered when there’s a problem with the PS4 DNS setting.

Internet connection like the WiFi or Connection to the LAN network is cost-effective for DNS problem PS4. To ensure that there aren’t issues with your WiFi connection and LAN connection, test connecting your PS4 to the same Network on different devices. If there’s no issue when you do this, it’s a sign that WiFi and LAN connections are working well. You can use the following methods to resolve the PS4 DNS error 31253 4.

Let’s get started!

Fix: Modify your DNS settings by altering DNS settings and settings; you could override some limitations on your IP addresses and gain access to PlayStation services. Many players use this technique to solve various issues such as LoL RADS errors, League of Legends high ping, and other issues.

If you’re having trouble with your PS4 DNS error 31253 4 and are cannot access the PlayStation service, switch your default DNS to FREE DNS servers.

Here’s How To Do It:

Step 1. Start the PS4 Home Menu, click the Settings icon, and press the”X” button on the console.

Step 2. Click on Network in the Settings menu to create an internet connection.

Step 3. After that, you’ll be asked how to connect to the Network. You can select WiFi or a Cable, depending on the kind of Network you want to connect. We’ll guide you on how to use WiFi and LAN cable and vice versa.

If You’re Connected to WiFi:

Step 1. Select WiFi and click the Custom button.

Step 2. Choose the WiFi network and enter the password required to establish internet access.

Step 3. Select Automatic in the IP Address Settings and select Manual from the DNS setting.

Step 4. Select the hostname you want to change.

If You’re Connecting to the LAN Cable:

Step 1. Select the cable you want to use and then select”Custom” from the menu.

Step 2. Change the IP address settings to auto, and don’t use it in the DHCP Host Name.

3. Step 3. DNS settings to manual. Set the primary DNS for eight.8.8.8 and the Secondary DNS settings to eight.8.4.4 and

Step 4. Click Next to force to change the MTU Settings. You will then choose Automatic within the MTU Settings and select don’t Use in the proxy server.

Step 5. Select Test Internet Connection to see the results of the fix for the error.

Fix 2: Reset Your PS4

Resetting the PS4 will improve connectivity between PS4 and your router. This will fix this issue. PS4 DNS error code 31253. 4. Then, duplicate all important information before resetting PS4.

Step 1. Turn off your PS4 completely and remove the cable for the ability from the rear of the device.

Step 2. Remove all peripherals from your PS4, including routers, modems, and other external devices.

Step 3. You should expect a minimum of 2 minutes to reconnect the entire system to PS4 and make sure that there’s no damage after reconnecting.

Step 4. Connect the cable once more and then switch onto the PS4 console.

Fix 3: Run Online Support Troubleshooter

If these two options don’t solve the issue, it is recommended to use Sony’s web-based Support Troubleshooter. This Fix and Connect tool is typically used to resolve PS4 problems with connectivity. Visit the official site that is for PS4, then follow the on-screen directions to fix the DNS error. PS4 DNS error 31253 4.

Additional PS4 DNS Errors And Solutions:

PS4 DNS Error NW-31251-2:

It is a sign of a similar problem with the Network, but it is not related to the DNS configuration. If you encounter an error like this, it means that your system can’t hook to a wireless connection. To fix this issue, go into Settings and Network, founded Connection, and enter the correct network parameters.

PS4 DNS Error NW-33986-9:

This is a result of the incorrect DNS servers settings. It is possible to manually alter the DNS settings to Google DNS Server, OpenDNS, and the DNS servers of your choice.

PS4 DNS Error CE-33986-9:

This error in DNS indicates an issue with the Connection to the internet. If your PlayStation Network isn’t down, go into Settings > Network and Test the Connection to the Network.

What can I do to Fix the PS4 DNS Server Issues?

Use these steps to fix server errors of PS4 DNS.

First Method – Configure DNS Manually [NW-31253-4 ], Northwest-31254-5 NW-31250-1 and NW-31246-6].

  • Switch to your PS4 and go to Settings.
  • Go to Network and select the option to establish Internet Connection.
  • Select an internet connection choice that is compatible with WiFi and the LAN.
  • Connect your coax cable or router.
  • Click on Customize configuration.
  • Make to change the IP address settings to automatic.
  • Check the DNS Settings, and change the DNS settings to manual.
  • Input in the default Google DNS servers’ address First: and Secondary:
  • Select Automatic.
  • Choose this option when signing up for your web browser’s proxy servers.

Be aware that in Step 8, you’ll also be able to make use of different DNS servers. For example, Open DNS – Primary:; Secondary: Cloudflare DNS settings – Primary:, Secondary:

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If the error continues to appear even after you have fixed the proper DNS servers, it is recommended to change your settings on the Network. Follow the steps in the following article carefully.

The Second Option – Reset the PS4 Settings

  • Shut off the PS4 console.
  • Unplug the system from power in addition to your router.
  • Let it remain in this condition for four minutes.
  • Start the PS4 to Safe Mode.
  • Connect your controller with an efficient USB cable.
  • Select Restore Set the default setting.

Suppose you’re experiencing NW-31254-5, NW-31253-4, NW-31246-6, and NW-31250-1 PS4 DNS issues. This technique will eliminate them.

What if the Solutions Aren’t Working?

This DNS solution is believed to be the case in most users who attempt it through forums. If it isn’t able to connect the information you need, there are some other ways to go about it:

  • Be sure to set everything to default/automatic, excluding DNS when configuring the Connection. If you are connecting via wire, choose Custom rather than Easy, to begin with, an IP address, and much more. Switch to Manual to change the DNS setting.
  • Try booting up your PS4 or router.
  • Try completely resetting your router and PS4 and power them off completely, then disconnecting them for about a quarter of an hour before reconnecting them.
  • Try factory setting your router by pressing the button or pin located beneath or on the side.
  • Utilize various Port Forwarding options to ensure that all ports connected to your router can be receptive to your gaming console. Read our article to learn more about the various methods to accomplish this.
  • You can reset the PS4 settings to defaults in Safe Mode. The reset doesn’t erase any information.
  • You can check with other users and see if they are experiencing similar problems. This could be a bigger problem with the internet through your ISP.
  • If your Connection to the main router is using the intermediary devices, unplug it and connect to your main router via another router.
  • If your household members have issues with WiFi, the router may be broken too. Get in touch with the ISP to get it repaired or replaced.

If you can resolve this error by setting your DNS, you’ll receive the error message CE-33984-7. In reality, this means you’re trying to set the IP address, in addition to those DNS servers, by hand. Be aware that you have to manually configure the DNS and leave the IP address and other settings as default or automatic, or some other choice. Switch to manual settings for DNS settings.

FAQs: Learn More Information About PS4 DNS Error

How Can I Reset My DNS Server On PS4?

Then, turn on your PS4 and go to the settings.

Step 1. Press the button X at the top of the console.

Step 2. Click on Network in the Settings menu, then click on established Internet Connection.

Step 3. After that, you’ll be asked what you can do to connect to the Network. You can choose between WiFi and cable for LAN, based on the type of Network you’d like to connect. We’ll guide you on how to use WiFi and LAN cable, addition.

What is a DNS Error PlayStation 4?

DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System, and they are essential to connecting IP addresses with domain names. If you attempt to hook to the internet on the PS4 with the wrong DNS servers, you receive the DNS error message.

How Can You Fix DNS Errors?

For resolving the DNS error, you must follow the steps below.

Switch your browser to a different one and remove the firewall. The router should be booted. Choose the DNS server through the router. Alternate the DNS server for Windows by using PowerShell to change your DNS server. Change the DNS server by using the command prompt.

How Can I Verify the DNS Setting of My Computer?

Here’s a method of looking over the DNS settings.

Go to Settings, Network, and Internet Settings > Advanced > Private DNS.

Select a hostname to use for Private DNS.

Input under the hostname area on your DNS provider.

Click Save.

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What’s wrong? An Error in DNS?

DNS errors are caused by the fact that you cannot be connected to an address, indicating that you’ve lost access to the internet or Network. DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System. This means that the DNS converts your website’s domain’s name to an IP and reverses it.


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