How To Unlock Oluso Far Cry 6?

In Far Cry 6, players can expand their group with a number of buddies. Most of the time, these friends will be animals the player has collected while exploring the island of Yara.

Oluso, a little black panther, is one of the animal teammates that a player may add to their squad. Oluso is like a Jaguar, that will add more strength to your gameplay.

Unlocking Oluso will benefit you in every aspect of Far Cry 6, but on the other hand, Unlocking Oluso in Far Cry 6, is not an easy task.

Players shouldn’t ignore Oluso any longer, as it’s quite adorable and occasionally useful. If you are not aware of how to unlock Oluso in Far Cry 6, you will get a complete guide on that in this article.

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Well!! Unlocking Oluso in Far Cry 6 must be a difficult task, but by following some simple steps and some tricks you can easily unlock Oluso. Here is a complete description of this.

Oluso in Far Cry 6

  • Oluso is listed in Far Cry 6, as one of the Stealth Amigos, which is ideal given its small stature and black color but is eventually more aggressive, in contrast to the scouting Boom Boom or the distracted Churizo. She resembles a quiet killer instead.
  • Oluso’s primary skill is his ability to eliminate opponents discreetly and rapidly. Even better, after Oluso kills someone, their body will disappear in a cloud of smoke.
  • Although her primary strength lies in stealth, Oluso’s combative attitude also makes her a good Combat Amigo.

Unlocking Oluso in Far Cry 6

Oluso is one of the greatest Amigos a player can have, unlocking it isn’t an easy process. Oluso is the only animal friend that can be unlocked by performing tasks across various Yara locations in Oluso. To specifically unlock her, you must finish the whole Triada Blessings Side Quest Series.

Steps to Unlock Oluso in Far Cry 6

  • Triada Blessing- Part 1
  • Ida’s Triada Relic
  • Oku’s Triada Relic
  • Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic
  • Triada Blessings- Part 2

Triada Blessings- Part 1

Triada Blessings begins in Oluwa Cave. The cave is located in the Gran Guerrero Mogotes canyon, east-southeast of Clara’s Camp on Isla Santuario. Enter the cave and proceed until you find a chamber with a note marked by a white triangle and other markings on the floor. After completing everything, you ought to obtain the Triada Blessings quest and be able to start looking for the three Triada Relics.

Ida’s Triada Relic

The purple diamond hunt indicator on your map indicated the location of this Relic, which is located in the Lunatico Caves in Madrugada. In case you require additional assistance in locating it, this is the right south of Fuego Valley. When you get to the landmark, you should see some Triada symbols scratched on a cliffside. To begin the Ida’s Triada Relic Quest, open the orange box to obtain a note. By following the white marketings on the wall by climbing the cliff using a grapple rope. You’ll automatically arrive in a room with a chest nearby and Ida’s Triada Relic encircled by purple smoke.

Oku’s Triada Relic

This relic can be found by traveling to Fort Oro. You’ll need to wait until after 19:00 when you get here because the mission can’t be finished until then. Head into the Fort Oro, at night. You’ll now have to navigate through its numerous chambers, solve various riddles, and encounter paranormal activities. After that, you will allow entering a hidden security room.

In the security room, you have to press the middle button on the table, then the left button, and finally after pressing the right button the upstairs door will open. You have to then interact with a piano after reaching head upstairs. Another secret room will be revealed after the piano is played and you got a Dungeon key on a table.

Use that Dungeon key to unlock the door in the lobby and get the dungeon from that. After that, moved towards the other hidden room after suffering from an explosion. Once you are at the bottom, you’ll find a hidden room where you will get Oku’s Triada Relic.

Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic

In Far Cry 6, the third and final destination required to unlock Oluso is located in La Joyu in the EI Este Zone. Its location is also marked with the purple diamond. After clearing out the enemies, aim for the orange padlock, where you have to dig a site. Continue to move towards the dig site, by swimming through the water and reaching the other room. In this room you’ll get a toxic gas, then you have to clear the toxic gas first in order to survive. After that, you’ll head towards another room where you’ll get Mimo Abosi’s Triada Relic.

Triada Blessings- Part 2

Once all the relics from the area around Yara have been found, go back to Oluwa cave on Isla Santuario.

Fighting Oluso

As soon as you unlock the treasure chest, Oluso will appear, and you’ll need to fight for it. Every time you see Oluso, you have to shoot it. Oluso will disappear and reappear somewhere else. You just have to keep shooting it, and once it’s shipped you’ll need to revive her with a triangle, then after that, you will now befriend Oluso.

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After completing all these steps you will unlock Oluso, and by fighting for it you can have access to Oluso. After winning the Oluso, you can easily summon them as your Amigo. It will then help you to improve your gameplay and have so many other benefits. Oluso is located above Isla Santarion, inside Oluwa Cave.

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