Moonshine Jamboree Fallout 76 – All You Need To Know

Did you hear about the new public event that has been introduced to the game Fallout 76? Yes, we are talking about the Moonshine Jamboree Fallout 76 event. If you are not yet sure about how to take part in this event and what are the perks of completing it, we are here to let you know it all. 

Fallout 76 has become one of the most popular role-playing video games in 2022 and you must also try this at least once. In fact, recently, a new public event, Moonshine Jamboree has also been introduced to this game and we believe that you would love to be a part of this. 

Moonshine Jamboree Fallout 76 event is all about helping the Moonshiner Ned defend the stills alongside making some moonshine. The event has been introduced in the update “Test Your Metal” and has the recommended player of the 50th level. Do you want to know more about this? Why don’t you continue to read then?

Let us get to know everything from A to Z about the Moonshine Jamboree event in Fallout 76 so that you know if it is worth your time to take part in this event or not. 

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About the Moonshine Jamboree Fallout 76 Event

So, what is this event Moonshine Jamboree all about in Fallout 76? Let us first get to know about it in brief. 

Well, what you have to do here is begin with discussing with Moonshiner Ned, and fire up the jamboree. 

The three stills must be protected against swarms of fishermen, wild ghouls, and gulpers. Gather 30 acidic gulper venom from gulper corpses during the waves, and then transport at least 30 to the bathtub within the main structure. 

When Ned asks you to, gather an additional 30 venom for a total of 60 for more benefits. For higher prizes, avoid destroying all 3 distillers. When the last wave is vanquished, the game is over.

Let us understand this via the stages. 

Stage 1 

Speak to the Moonshiner Ned who is a strange mister and wants to have a Jamboree. You get to know from him about his willingness to shoot large salamanders as well as make special moonshine. 

Stage 2

Now you have to wait for the Jamboree to begin and then you will have to light the Jamboree fire. 

Stage 3

Next, when you light the Jamboree fire, the moonshine Jamboree will begin to get going. 

Stage 4

Finally, you need to defend the stills and deliver acidic Gulper Venum to the tub. There will be 3 stills in total that you have to defend from the harmful creatures. You will also require to kill some Gulpers so that you can get their venom. 

You need to use this venom to fill a whole bathtub which is required for making the moonshine. 

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Rewards On Completion Of The Event

Now that you complete this event, it wasn’t all for nothing, right? There are definitely some guaranteed rewards that the players receive on the successful completion of the tasks mentioned within the event. 

Depending on the goals that are met, the prizes stack and are additive. The base prizes are awarded after gathering at least 30 venoms. 

You will receive both the standard and additional venom rewards lists after collecting 60 venoms. Depending on how many distillers survive, you will also receive one of the three potential distiller rewards lists. 

And lastly, in addition to everything else that has been rewarded, you will get the ultimate rewards list if you gather the additional venom and all three distillers live.

Wrap Up

That was all about the Moonshine Jamboree Fallout 76 event that you needed to be acknowledged. Now that you know the things you need to accomplish within this event as well as the rewards you get in turn by the end of the event, you know if it is worth it for you and if you should give your time to this event or not. If you ask us, we suggest that you should definitely be a part of this event and you would love it.

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