Where To Find A Charizard In Pokemon Go? – 3 Assured Locations

Planning to catch one of the rarest Pokemon? Yes, of course, this is about the Dual Type Pokemon Charizard. First thing, getting a Charizard isn’t a simple task, and second, it is not impossible either, especially if you have the right guidance. Thus, here we are to let you know where to find a Charizard in Pokemon Go.

To find a Charizard in Pokemon Go, the best locations to get it are Nagoya, Japan; Suzano, Brazil; or Sydney, Australia. The exact coordinates under these locations are also provided in the latter part of this article for which you will need to read further.

There are some Pokemon so rare that only a few players are able to catch them once throughout their entire gameplay, while others just keep dreaming of them. One such Pokemon is Charizard available in Pokemon Go. It is a Dual Type Pokemon, that is, it comes under both Fire Type and Flying Type categories.

As it is quite hard to get a Charizard, this article will help you out by providing you with the right pathway and saving much of your time cluelessly searching for it.

Where To Find A Charizard In Pokemon Go?

There are some specific locations where the chances of spawning this rare and popular Pokemon Charizard are quite high. Let us check them out one by one.

1. Japan (Nagoya)

The most appropriate location coordinates for this place are (35.112674, 137.002111) which will take you to the middle of a city in Nagoya in a spacious park.

2. Brazil (Suzano)

Another location is an extremely populated municipality in Sao Paulo, and its exact coordinates are (-23.5416787, -46.3105891) 

3. Australia (Sydney)

The final option for you is in Sydney, Australia with the best location coordinates as: (-33.856875, 151.194353). 

If you reside near any of these areas, it will be quite easy for you to catch a Charizard by visiting one of these locations without much effort. However, the ones who live far away from these areas don’t need to lose hope because there is an alternate method for you. 

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How To Teleport To Charizard’s Location In Pokemon Go?

If you are not at or near the areas we mentioned above, there is no need to worry because you can always teleport to these locations if you want to. 

For this, you will need a VPN app and reliable GPS spoofing software. 

Once you have both the software installed, go to the main screen and check the current location of your device on the map.

Then you can activate the Teleport mode at the top right corner of your screen and teleport to whichever location you want to. 

To teleport to a location, you just have to search for the address you wish to go to you will be directed to the chosen location.

After that, you can play the game and it will show you the map of the location you just chose. 

Make sure that you have properly used the devices because if Pokemon Go identifies that you have faked your original location in the game, you will be permanently banned from playing this game, so you will need to be quite attentive. 

How To Catch A Charizard In Pokemon Go?

If you want to easily catch a Charizard once you locate it, you need to make some necessary preparations and strategies.

Firstly, you must have a good number of PokeBalls before catching a Charizard because you are going to lose a lot of them in the process. 

One more thing that you need to remember is that you should be at level 11 in the game, so make your attempts only after you are at least at this level.

If you want to increase the chances of catching a Charizard, feeding it Raspberries would be the best decision. 

Also, you should have well practiced the right technique of throwing the ball to get the perfect hit on Charizard. Once you have it, you can also go for the evolution process by collecting the necessary Charizard Mega Energy.

Wrap Up

Now you know everything about where to find a Charizard in Pokemon Go as well as how to easily catch this Pokemon after locating it. If you have the determination to possess this rare Pokemon, no one can stop you right from this very moment. 

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