How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Sword?

Do you know the happiness level of your Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sword? Well, a lot of players ignore this important stat, but not anymore. Today we are going to let you know how to check Friendship in Pokemon Sword. 

To check friendship in Pokemon Sword, you need to go to Hammerlocke where you will find a boy with blonde hair inside a building to the right of the Pokemon Centre. When you go to that boy and choose the Pokemon you wish to check friendship with, he will let you know the friendship level of that particular Pokemon towards you. Keep reading if you also want to know how to raise your friendship level with a Pokemon. 

Just like you increase your buddy level in Pokemon Go, in the same manner, there is a friendship stat in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield where you can find out how friendly a Pokemon of yours is with you. Depending upon your treatment with a Pokemon, every Pokemon has a different friendship stat in the game. 

If you are not yet aware of which Pokemon you have high friendships with and which ones you still need to build this stat with, this article will help you out with that. 

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How To Check Friendship In Pokemon Sword?

If you want to check your friendship with a Pokemon in the game, you will first need to travel to Hammerlocke. Once you are there, you have to go to the Pokemon Centre. On the right side of this Pokemon Centre, you will find a building, this is the house where you will find the Friendship Checker. 

When you enter the house, there will be a young boy having blonde hair. He is the one who can check the happiness level of your Pokemon towards you, which means the friendship between you and your Pokemon. 

All you have to do is select the Pokemon that you want to check your friendship with and that boy will let you know the level of your friendship with that Pokemon via a line of dialogue that will explain entirely how friendly you and your Pokemon are and if you happen to be the best friends, then the Best Friends Ribbon will be placed on your respective Pokemon. 

Only those players reach the best friend level with their Pokemon who have attained the Heart Level 5 with that Pokemon in the game. 

At level 4, you are “Almost best friends who really care about each other”. 

At level 3, you and your Pokemon “Get along great” and together is always better. 

At level 2, you two are “Pretty good friends and could become even closer”. 

At level 1, you two are “on your way to becoming really good friends”. 

At level 0, you have an “average amount and will get closer as time passes”, or maybe you two “just met”, or maybe “you are a bit too strict”. 

Based on this you can understand how much you still need to work to increase your friendship with your Pokemon in Pokemon Sword. 

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How To Increase Friendship With Your Pokemon In Pokemon Sword?

If you are not sure of how you can reach the maximum friendship level with your Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield, the Pokemon Camp in the game is all you need. 

For this, you have to open the X Menu and select the “Pokemon Camp” option from there to set up your campsite. You can then call out to your favorite Pokemon after the Camp is ready so that you can raise your friendship level with it. 

Now, you can talk to your Pokemon, or use Pokemon Toys to play with it. To make it even happier, you can also cook curries for it. And, whenever your Pokemon gets into a fight with another one, you can call one of the Pokemon over to break off the fight and thereby, increase your friendship level with your chosen Pokemon. 

Wrap Up

We hope that after reading this article, you will neither find any difficulty checking your friendship with a Pokemon nor raising the level of friendship with your Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sword and Shield. If there is anything else related to the game that you wish to know, you can share it with us in the comments section below.

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