How to get clash of clans league medals

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In the clash of clans game, a clan battle league is held every month, and each battle lasts for a week. In the clan battle league, not only are the rewards rich but also league medals can be obtained, which can be exchanged for rich and practical items. If players get enough league medals, they can go to the store to exchange them for the good things they want. So how to get league medals in Clash of Clans? Here is how to get Clash of Clans league medals. Follow the editor to see how to get league medals.

How to get clash of clans league medals

1. Each attack does not get black 3 stars

In lash of clans, league medals can only be obtained through battle leagues, as long as you don’t get 3 black stars per attack in clan battle leagues, you can have medals. That is to say, if the enemy’s base camp is destroyed by less than 50%, and the enemy’s base camp is not destroyed, then the opponent’s base camp will display 3 black stars.

First of all, everyone needs to understand the rules of the competitive league. As long as you register successfully, you will get league medals no matter what place you get , but the difference in the number of medals is the loophole in the league. Generally, many players have their own clan, because the battle league cannot allow all teammates to participate, they will choose to quit the clan and return to their own clan, because their own clan is their own trumpet, so they don’t care about winning or losing, as long as they can participate That’s it, so you can all get all the league medal rewards.

2. All members of the winning side in each game

The second method is that all members of the victorious team can get a certain medal in each game. Everyone participating in the battle league can get 10% of the medal reward as long as they get one star. If they score 8 stars in the entire league, get all the rewards.

Even if there are 10 players in a battle league, they can get 8 stars if they reach 15th place, which allows players to get all the rewards of the battle league. After the battle league is over, everyone can give their own trumpet medals to their own. Large, so the medals will far exceed the rewards of the old tribe, unless you are in some very top tribes, and there are still positions, you can get medal rewards.

3. Obtained according to tribal performance

get a certain amount of extra medals after the battle league is over according to the performance of the tribe , and this part of the medals will be distributed by the leader.

Players only need to ensure that their tribe level is higher, there are many such dead tribes. Just like the old players of the tribe, they do this every time in the league. If you have a tribe with Gold Cup 1, you can get more rewards than you can get in the old tribe, so as long as your tribe is the same as the current one It’s ok if the clan gap is not that big, so the medals won are much more than the current clan.

The above is the whole content of how to get league medals in clash of clans brought to you by the editor. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of how to get league medals. If you are interested, try the game.!

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