Is Friday the 13th Game a Split Screen?

Friday 13th of June The Game is a horror survival video game created by IllFonic and released through Gun Media. It is inspired by the film franchise with the same name. The game first came out on May 26 2017, as a digital download and it was released on the 13th of October on the 13th of October, 2017 as a physical release on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Friday the 13th Game Split Screen

This game can be described as an asymmetrical online video game that allows up to eight players to participate in a single game session. One participant is randomly chosen to be controlled by Jason Voorhees, who aims to eliminate the most counselors possible before the timer expires. But, the bad news is that Friday the 13th will not have a split screen.

Are Friday’s 13th-Friday games closing?

Special Servers for Friday, 13th of July: The Game will be shut down with the next patch, due out later in November of this year. This means that the game will be reverted back to matchmaking peer-to-peer to allow for Quick Play lobbies.

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What caused Friday’s 13th game be cancelled?

In the wake of licensing issues uncovered by series creator Victor Miller, the game servers were closed in November of 2020. The game, however, remains playable online via peer-to-peer matchmaking. The developers will continue to provide support and continue to maintain the game until the next time.

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