how to crossplay lords of the fallen

Have you ever played any Soulslike games? If Yes, then you must have known how tough are its missions and challenges, that you need to get help from friends to complete them. 

One such game is the Lords of the Fallen and to get connected with your friends for the game, the game needs to be multiplayer as well as crossplay. Lords of the Fallen is a multiplayer game. Let’s find out, whether it is crossplay or not. 

Yes, Lords of Fallen is a Crossplay game. Do you know how to crossplay Lords of the Fallen? Let’s get to know about this by reading this article. 

On What Platforms Lords Of The Fallen Is Available?

Lords of the Fallen is an Action-RPG multiplayer game developed and published by Hexworks and CI Games on October 13, 2023. It is a Soulslike game in which you have to fight against the demon in the world of Dark Powers. 

The following platforms support the Lords of the Fallen- 

  1. PlayStation 5
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. Xbox Series X and S
  4. Xbox One
  5. GeForce Now
  6. Microsoft Windows 

Is Lords Of The Fallen Fully Crossplay?

Quickly, we can say that, Yes, Lords of the Fallen supports the crossplay function. However, there are some limitations to accessing its crossplay feature. 

You can only crossplay Lords of the Fallen between the PC and each console individually. It means you can’t crossplay this game for PlayStation and Xbox. 

  • PC players can play with Xbox Players
  • PC players can play with PlayStation players 
  • Xbox and PlayStation players cannot play with each other

How To Crossplay Lords Of The Fallen? [PC+Xbox] & [PC+PlayStation]

Lords of the Fallen can only be cross-played between the PC and the consoles (Xbox and PS). 

To Crossplay this game, you just need to enable its multiplayer mode and type in the same password (Set by a particular person). After this, you will be easily connected to PC and console platforms. 

How To Play Multiplayer In Lords Of The Fallen?

To enable the multiplayer mode in Lords of the Fallen, you have to go to any Vestige (A type of checkpoint) and select any one of the options from the following- 

  1. Call a random lampbearer (Another player)
  2. Call a friend via the platform’s social system
  3. Help another player by selecting “Assist a lampbearer”
  4. Hunt another player by choosing “Slaughter a lampbearer”

With this, you can simply play the game with your friends in multiplayer mode. You can play with your teammate as long as you want until the host player dies. You can revive the summoned player. 

How To Invite Friends To Co-op In Lords Of The Fallen?

Follow these steps to invite friends or players to Co-op- 

  1. Go to the Vestige Checkpoint
  2. Select Multiplayer from the options
  3. From your friends list, choose “Beckon Friend” to invite a friend
  4. Select “Beckon lampbearer” to invite the random players

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lords Of The Fallen Support Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression means to transfer all of your achievements and game records from one platform to another. Lords of the Fallen does not have a Cross-Progression feature. 

How To Crossplay Lords Of The Fallen Xbox One?

You can crossplay the Xbox One with PC only. 

Can You Crossplay Lords Of The Fallen Between Xbox Series X & PS4?

No, the two different console players are not allowed to cross-play together for the Lord of the Fallen. 

What Is The Initial Release Date For Lords Of The Fallen?

The Initial Release Date for Lords of the Fallen is October 13, 2023. 


Lords of the Fallen received mixed reviews from the audience. Its gameplay is damn good, still, it is a freshly launched game and needs some time to take its place in the hearts of the audience. 

With this, we end our article on this note, Lords of the Fallen supports crossplay only between the PC and the console platforms and runs smoothly on each available platform.

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