How To Defeat Giovanni In Pokemon Go?

If Pokemon Go has become an easy-peasy game for you, why don’t you try dealing with the toughest opponent in the game? We are talking about the final boss of the Team Go Rocket, Giovanni, have you ever thought of this? If not, let us see how to defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

To defeat Giovanni in Pokemon Go, you will have to fight against the three different Pokemon that Giovanni will send for you. The first one is Persian; the second one can be either Nidoking, Machamp, or Rhyperior; and the third one will be a Shadow Latios. Keep reading to understand how you can beat each of these Pokemon to finally gain victory over Giovanni.

In Pokemon Go, you will find a lot of battles and challenges to go through, some of them being quite easy while the others need many preparations. One of the greatest challenges in the game is to defeat Giovanni, who is the final and the ultimate boss of the Team Go Rocket and your strongest opponent.

If you are tired of those boring battles and have already mastered all of them, it is time that you defeat Giovanni and prove your skills in Pokemon Go.

How To Defeat Giovanni In Pokemon Go?

If you wish to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go, you will need to defeat all the three Pokemon that he sends for battling against you.

The first Pokemon that Giovanni chooses for the battle is “Persian”.

The second Pokemon that Giovanni chooses can be either of the three Pokemon: Nidoking, Machamp, or Rhyperior.

Finally, in the last phase, Giovanni will send a Shadow Latios for the battle.

If you defeat all these three Pokemon in Giovanni’s lineup, only then it will be considered your victory over this boss.

Let us now see how we can prepare for all the Pokemon that Giovanni is going to use for the battles with you.

1. Phase One – Persian

Persian is the weakest opponent for you in Giovanni’s team, so it is not going to be much hard for you to beat a Persian. This is a Normal Type Pokemon and is weak against the Fighting Type Moves.

Make sure that you do not use a Ghost Type attack because Persian is quite resistant to them.

Here are some of the best Pokemon Counters for a Persian that will assure that you easily defeat this Pokemon and pass the first phase of this fight.

1. Conkeldurr

2. Hariyama

3. Lucario

4. Machamp

5. Breloom

2. Phase Two – Nidoking, Machamp, or Rhyperior

Since Giovanni can send any of these three options for the second phase, you need to be fully prepared to fight each of them so there is no doubt that you win.

Firstly, Nidoking is a Ground and Poison Type Pokemon and you can use any of the Ground, Ice, Water, and Psychic Type Move against this Pokemon.

However, do not, even by mistake, use either of the Electric, Bug, Poison, Fighting, Fairy, or Rock Type moves or you can lose your chance.

Here is a list of the best Nidoking counters in Pokemon Go

1. Mewtwo

2. Kyogre

3. Garchomp

4. Glaceon

5. Galarian Darmanitan

Next is Machamp, a Fighting Type Pokemon that is vulnerable to Flying, Fairy, and Psychic Type Moves. Do not use Dark, Bug, or Rock Type moves against this Pokemon.

Here are the best Pokemon Counters for a Machamp

1. Mewtwo

2. Gardevoir

3. Togekiss

4. Sylveon

5. Rayquaza

The last possible Pokemon that Giovanni can send for the second Phase is Rhyperior. This is a rock and Ground Type Pokemon which is too vulnerable to the moves of Grass Type and Water Type Pokemon, so you must definitely use such moves against it. Alternatively, you can also use Ground, Fighting, Ice, and Steel Type moves, but the first two are the most effective.

Let us now check out the list of the best counter Pokemon for a Rhypeior.

1. Torteerra

2. Kyogre

3. Empoleon

4. Zarude

5. Swampert

3. Phase Three – Shadow Latios

Finally, it is time to end this fight by battling with the last Pokemon that Giovanni is going to send, and it is fixed, a Shadow Latios which is a Dragon and Psychic Type Pokemon. This Pokemon is very strong and is resistant to the Electric, Fire, Grass, Water, Fighting, and Psychic Type Moves.

However, you can use the Pokemon from Dark, Bug, Ghost, Fairy, Dragon, and Ice Types which can inflict great damage to Shadow Latios.

Also, check out some of the best Shadow Latios Counters for this battle. 

1. Dialga

2. Rayquaza

3. Garchomp

4. Palkia

5. Gengar

Wrap Up

If you prepare yourself well against all the Pokemon that are in Giovanni’s lineup, having at least one or two of the best counter Pokemon against each of them, then no one can stop you from defeating Giovanni in Pokemon Go.

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