How To Disenchant Minecraft 2022

Enchantments are very necessary for the game Minecraft because that’s how you improvise your tools and weapons. So, you might be aware of how enchantments are added but have you wondered how to Disenchant Minecraft? 

Minecraft is an amazing 3D sandbox game that has taken up its place in the hearts of many young gamers. There are several modes and different enchantments in the game that you need to take. However, sometimes, you might require to disenchant Minecraft. 

How to disenchant Minecraft? Answer: Take or build a Grindstone and in the menu, choose the Disenchant option. Then place the enchanted item in the top slot and the Grindstone will disenchant it completely. 

Let us now discuss in detail how to disenchant Minecraft, so you do not have to face any trouble when you have to do that. 

How To Disenchant Minecraft?

You will require Grindstones if you want to disenchant in Minecraft. Grindstones are the only way to remove any enchantments that you previously applied to any item. You can either build your own grindstones with wood and stone or just simply take them up from a Minecraft villager with the profession of a blacksmith. 

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How To Make A Grindstone In Minecraft?

How To Disenchant Minecraft - How to make grindstone in Minecraft

Here are the simplified steps on how you can make your own Grindstone in Minecraft to disenchant any item in the game. So, here comes our Grindstone recipe for Minecraft. 

1. First, open the crafting table you have and you will see a 3×3 grid. 

2. Now, in the first row, place a stick at each end and a stone slab in the center cell. 

3. In the second row, place a wood block in the first and last cell, keeping the middle one vacant. 

4. As you place the items correctly, you will see the grindstone formed in the cell on the right side of the grid. 

You can now move this grindstone into the inventory and use it to disenchant any of your items. 

How To Use A Grindstone To Disenchant In Minecraft?

Once you have a grindstone, in its menu you will be asked if you want to repair your item or disenchant it. You can choose the Disenchant option and place the item that you want to disenchant in the uppermost slot. As you do this, the enchantment will be removed from that item by Grindstone. 

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How To Change Enchantments On An Item In Minecraft? 

Rather than completely disenchanting an item and then again enchanting it with other powers, it is better that you directly change the enchantments applied to it right away. But how can this be done? With the help of Anvil. 

How To Make An Anvil In Minecraft?

How To Disenchant Minecraft - How to make an anvil in Minecraft

Using an Anvil, you can change the enchantments on any item in Minecraft. Making an Anvil in Minecraft is not much of a deal. You will need to first obtain three blocks of iron and four iron Ingots in the game. 

Here are the steps required to craft your own Anvil in the game Minecraft:

1. First, you will need to collect three iron blocks and four iron ingots. 

2. Now, open the crafting table and put the three iron blocks in the first row, one block in each cell. 

3. Now, in the centermost cell of the grid, place one iron ingot. 

4. Now place the remaining three iron ingots in each cell of the last row. 

When you place the right items in the right cells, you will see the Anvil in the cell next to the grid. You can now drag the Anvil you made and add it to your inventory and then use it to change the enchantments on an item in Minecraft. 

How To Use An Anvil To Change Enchantments In Minecraft?

Once you have your Anvil, you will have to combine the enchantments applied on two similar items with different enchantments. So, when you combine them with Anvil, both the items will be destroyed and a new item will be forged out of them which will contain the enchantments those two previously had. 

This way, you can combine the best enchantment in different items into one and make a better tool. 

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How To Disenchant In Minecraft And Keep The Enchantment?

If you want to disenchant an item in Minecraft and also want to retain the enchantment at the same time, then you will require to put the enchanted object on the top of the Anvil you have made, and in this way, the item will be disenchanted while the enchantment from that item will stay with you. 

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Wrap Up

This was all you needed to know about how to disenchant Minecraft. So, from now on, if you ever feel the need to disenchant an item in Minecraft, you can make use of a Grindstone for that. Share this with your friends who also play Minecraft but are still not aware of these features.

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