How To Enter Volcano Manor In Elden Ring?

Are you still trying to figure out how to enter Volcano Manor in Elden Ring? Not an issue, we know the right way to do that and if you also don’t want to waste much of your time, then you should follow our guide on the same. 

What about assassinating Tarnished and rebelling against Erdtree and the Fingers? Do you also want to enter the legacy Dungeon, the Volcano Manor in the game Elden Ring as a result of which you will be able to get the Drawing Room Key so that you can unlock the questline? We know what you need to do about this. 

To enter Volcano Manor in Elden Ring, you need to first find Rya and speak with her so that she can assign you a short quest line. As a result of accomplishing that, you will be able to get to Volcano Manor.

We know that there is a lot more that you need to know regarding this so that you can easily progress at this stage, so, just continue to read. 

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How To Enter Volcano Manor In Elden Ring?

There are a few odd ways to get to Volcano Manor, all of which lead to the manor’s doors. It is totally up to the players which route they follow and what they must do once they get to the destination. The following guide includes details on all three routes leading to Volcano Manor to better assist those who are prepared to take on Elden Ring’s Volcano Manor and its quest lines.

Volcano Manor is reachable on foot, although the distance from Elden Ring’s starting point makes it a challenging journey. Players must first enter Mt. Gelmir, a zone located far to the north, past Liurnia of the Lakes and Atlas Plateau, to get to the location. It is not encouraged that Tarnished go to Volcano Manor until they are sufficiently leveled because these locations are filled with potential foes that may kill low-level players in one 

Those who are prepared to travel to Volcano Manor can set off from Erdtree Gazing Hill on the Atlas Plateau by racing toward Mt. Gelmir. Players may see a little statue atop a hill in the distance while looking from the Site of Grace. They can ultimately turn around into a cave-like structure that has the Seethewater River Site of Grace if they ride up to that statue, hook a left, and ride through the Wyndham Ruins (be careful of the Tibia Mariner fight, though). The hike up Mount Gelmir begins as you travel north from this Site of Grace.

The route is “quite” simple: players must keep heading north while choosing one of the upward-facing routes. They should eventually come to a vast array of upward-jutting rock walls with steep ladders that must be scaled to reach the peak. Players should be able to view Volcano Manor as they get closer, and they’ll know they’re getting near when they see a large rope bridge over a gap. A Site of Grace, a ladder, and a jump pad for Torrent are on the opposite side.

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The Fully-Grown Falling Star Beast boss encounter, which takes place at the very top of Mt. Gelmir, will start as soon as players approach this peak via the ladder or jump pad. By utilizing the jump pad, sticking to the right, and landing on the perimeter of the “arena” when they leap with Torrent, players may prevent frightening the beast. Once on top, players can see a huge rock sticking out to the right of the boss arena. They can get on the last route to Volcano Manor by sprinting to the edge of the cliff and jumping off.

Players can reach Volcano Manor without having to slay the Fully-Grown Falling Star Beast.

There are several ways for gamers to get to Volcano Manor without climbing Mt. Gelmir. Another approach, available much earlier in the game, can be utilized to instantaneously teleport to the scorching spot. Players must first acquire entrance to Raya Lucaria before moving through the opening region and arriving at the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace in order to use this “quick travel.” After leaving there and going outdoors, players should find themselves at Raya Lucaria’s cemetery, where they may follow a straight road that finally leads to a huge spinning wheel that serves as an elevator.

After arriving at the elevator, players must climb aboard one of the ascending pads and ride it until it reaches the top of the wheel and flips over. Players may just ride the platform down once it has been inverted until it starts to sweep back up the other way. They will land in a big subterranean space with lots of crystals around if they do this.

Somewhere nearby, you will find an Abductor Virgin, which is a large Iron Maiden with spinning saws for “hands” that rolls about and attacks when approached. Players must let the Abductor Virgin murder them with a precise move in order to win this game. Players should stand close to the Abductor Virgin when it opens the front of its iron maiden and extends its inner arms because it will catch them and trap them within, doing significant damage. The player will get the customary “You Died” game over the screen and appear to be returning back to a prior Site of Grace if they die while this animation is playing.

However, as soon as the game starts off, gamers will find themselves right in the midst of Volcano Manor’s basement.

The Twin Virgin Abductors boss must be found and defeated before players can go on to the remainder of the Manor and leave the region. Players must go far enough within Volcano Manor to locate a Site of Grace there, but it is also possible to teleport out to any prior Site of Grace.

There are several methods for players to teleport to Volcano Manor besides using the Abductor Virgin. The last route to the lava-filled area is the simplest overall because it doesn’t actually involve players facing off against any bosses. Players must locate Rya and chat with her to start her brief questline, which will lead them to Volcano Manor. She may be located in Liurnia of the Lakes, north of the Laskyar Ruins. She will be standing next to a statue within a gazebo-like building at the Birdseye Telescope, which is just north of the ruins.

Players will learn from Rya that her necklace was stolen and that she is fervently seeking its return. If they decide to assist her, players will have to track out the man who stole it and return it to him. The NPC in issue is squatting down outside of the Boilprawn Shack, just to Rya’s northwest. Players may ask the guy about the necklace by speaking to him; if they want it back, they must pay 1000 Runes. You will get a reward for the necklace by paying a small fee and you can then take it to Rya.

The player will be thanked by Rya, who will then let them know that she works for Lady Tanith of Volcano Manor. Players will need to advance till they reach Atlus Plateau using the Grand Lift of Dectus after hearing her talk (and using all of her speech by speaking to her again). Rya will be waiting near a banister on the left at the top of the elevator, where players may find her. On speaking to here, you will be teleported to the Tanith’s Champers, which means inside Volcano Manor.  

Wrap Up

We hope that after reading this article you will easily be able to get to Volcano Manor without getting confused over any part of the procedure. However, if you still face any kind of difficulty doing that, you can tell us in the comments so that we can assist you with the same.

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