Can You Get Married In Harvestella?

Looks like someone is having a hard time finding a companion. If that’s the problem, you can at least get a virtual partner for yourself. There are a few video games that let the characters marry other characters. Let us today check if you can get married in Harvestella, the RPG game, or not. 

Recently, Role Playing Games have been getting quite popular and they should be, as they are quite interesting and indulgent. One such latest RPG game is Harvestella which is also a life simulation game so, the experience that you get here is just like real life. 

Yes, you can definitely get married in Harvestella, or, to be precise, your CHARACTER can get married in Harvestella. However, do not expect this to happen right after you jump into the gameplay, there are certain criteria for romance and marriage in the game. 

If you want to know in detail about how romance and marriage can happen in Harvestella, then this is the most appropriate place for you to read through. 

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Can You Get Married In Harvestella?

A lot of people tried the game Harvestella and then reported that there is nothing like romance or marriage in the game. Well, that is probably because they didn’t reach the stage in the game where marriage is allowed. 

But, we do not want you to get misled, so, you must know the right answer, that you can absolutely get married in Harvestella. 

How To Get Married In Harvestella?

How long will you keep picking up the crops in Harvestella? You should also start planning to pick a partner for yourself in the game. Now, the question is, how to make that possible? Well, we are here to let you know what exactly you need to do for this.  

The first stage of this is developing friendships with the characters in your locality in the game. You will begin by talking to them. Then you will complete certain tasks to assist them, for instance, you can deliver food or other items for them.

As you progress through the storyline of the game, you will get a lot of chances to build your relationships with certain characters in the game. When you get closer to your party members in the game, you also receive stat bonuses in Harvestella.

After you have completed the main story of Harvestella, it is only then that marriage will be allowed to your character. Regardless of the gender of the other character, you can settle down with them finally. This aspect makes Harvestella a true simulation game.

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If you want to choose an NPC in the game to be your life partner, you will need to max out your friendship and intimacy with that character.

Although it is good that the players can experience romance and marriage in Harvestella, it takes too long for the players to reach that phase of the game because you won’t have these experiences until you have crossed the main story of Harvestella.

Wrap Up

That’s it, we hope that you would be delighted to know that you can get married in Harvestella. So, do not get impatient while you are still through the main story of the game because that’s not where you are going to settle down with a partner, it will take a lot of hardships to reach there. 

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