How to Escape Prison In Bitlife

It’s not easy to get out of prison in Bitlife, but here in this article, we will guide you on how to escape prison in Bitlife. If you are having trouble getting out of jail in Bitlife, this article contains the solution to your problem.

Bitlife Simulator is a popular smartphone game that continues to grow in popularity. People are only switching to Bitlife in 2021 because of its mini-games. Bitlife has a variety of mini-games that will keep you entertained for hours.

Bitlife is everyone’s favorite game but the only problem is that escaping from the prison in Bitlife is a difficult task, which has caused some players to lose interest in this game. We’ll give you some simple solutions to help you get out of this position. Let’s read the full article.

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How To Escape Prison In Bitlife?

There are different types of prisons in Bitlife. The only method to get out of these prisons in Bitlife is that each has its own tricks and maps. Let’s begin with the types of prisons in Bitlife.

Types of Prison In Bitlife

  • Minimum
  • Medium
  • Maximum

Each prison is different. Every prison has its different types whether it is medium, minimum, or maximum. In Bitlife, you can easily escape if you are in the minimum or medium prison, but you’ll have to put in a lot of work if you are in the maximum prison.

Bitlife: How to Escape Every Prison(Min, Med & Max Jail Layouts)

This game is totally based on Prison. To start this game, you’ll simply have to commit a crime, then after committing a crime, you’ll get fired from your current job and you’ll be sent to prison. Then you’ll assign some small tasks which you have to complete to escape from the prison. Except for you, there is a security guard in this game, who interrupts you to escape from the prison. The security guard on the checkerboard along with you and will make two moves for one move that you make. He won’t just make two moves in any direction; he’ll make them all the way towards you, starting horizontally. If the guard captures you while you’re attempting to escape, your sentence will be increased by a few years more.

Trick For Escaping the Prison

In order to escape from the prison, you only have to deal with the security guard wisely. The trick is to stop the security guard in the maze’s walls so that his movement is limited, allowing you to escape from Bitlife prison. In the Bitlife jail, he can be trapped in 3- sided boxes, and you can easily move towards the escape.

Minimum and Medium Security Prison Maps

  • 3*4 Prison Map
  • 3*5 Prison Map
  • 4*4 Prison Map
  • 4*4 Prison Map 2
  • 4*4 Prison Map 3
  • 5*4 Prison Map
  • 5*5 Prison Map
  • 5*6 Prison Map
  • 5*7 Prison Map
  • 5*7 Prison Map 2
  • 6*5 Prison Map
  • 6*6 Prison Map
  • 6*6 Prison Map 2
  • 7*4 Prison Map

Maximum Security Prison in Bitlife

  • 8*7 Prison Map Layout
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout 5
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout 2
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout 3
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout 4
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout 5
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout 6
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout Part 2
  • 8*8 Prison Map Layout

Map Legend in Bitlife

  • Star: Your starting point
  • Arrow: The direction you should be traveling at that point on the line is indicated.

Can you Escape Prison in Bitlife from Riots?

To get out of prison during a riot in Bitlife, you must first instigate one. This can be done under the Riot option in the Prison menu. After that, you’ll play Snake, which requires you to travel about the room while avoiding barriers and picking up prisoners.

Key Features of Bitlife

  • Crime Controls
  • Several Ribbons
  • Customize your Characters
  • No ads
  • Bitizenship unlocked
  • Relationships
  • Various Jobs
  • Various Kinds of Addictions

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Here is a detailed tutorial on Bitlife and how to get out of prison. The best part about this game is that it is a free app; you don’t have to pay anything to play this game. It is a free online puzzle game available for PC, iOS, and Android.

In our opinion, this game is highly recommended to you guys, but you must ensure that children under the age of 16 do not play it because it involves violence, sexual content, profanity, drug, and alcohol usage. So, keep this game out of the hands of the children.

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