World of Warcraft: Mounts that are Easy to Obtain

World of Warcraft appeared many years ago and is held in the top MMORPG. It has a huge fan base because several generations of gamers have grown up with this game.

But often players are faced with the fact that after playing for many years for one faction, they want to start playing for another or change the playable character. But it’s quite a long time to upgrade it from scratch. Therefore, players turn to special services like to upgrade their accounts. This service helps save time and effort. There you can also buy wow gold, order dungeons, raids carry, and so on. 

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In this guide, we will tell you about the mounts, which are easy to get.

Ice Mammoth

The reins of the ice mammoth and the reins of the big ice mammoth are sold at the quartermaster of the Sons of Hodir faction in the Thunder Ridge and cost 8 and 80 thousand gold, respectively.

Mammoths appeared in the game in addition “Wrath of the Lich King”, and at that time they were quite expensive. Today, the amount seems ridiculous, and it can be easily earned in a week of non-strenuous play.

The Big Ice Mammoth is one of the few multi–seat mounts in the game, and it definitely deserves a place in any collection. To buy it, you need to upgrade your reputation with the Commendation of the Sons of Hodir.

At the current time, pumping was very long, despite the possibility of obtaining an additional reputation for handing over special items. Then time travel appeared in the game, and this greatly simplified the grind, since the currency is now mined in the dungeons, which can be exchanged for tokens with reputation. Recently, this system has changed again, and now players receive a 50% additional reputation for killing monsters and completing tasks for all factions from the supplement, which corresponds to a week of travel.

In the week of Wrath of the Lich King, the reputation with the Sons of Hodir swings very quickly. Accumulate Timewarped Badges and exchange them for tokens, and then complete all the tasks of the Sons of Hodir to get one and a half times more reputation. If you decide to pump your reputation only on tokens, remember that to access the faction you will still have to complete a chain of tasks that begins in K-3 and tells the story about Torim and the ice giants. If you used tokens without opening a faction, don’t worry. As soon as you complete the introductory tasks, the reputation will be added automatically.

Mail Muncher

It is an incredibly easy-to-get mount that was added to the game near the end of the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

Mail Muncher can be obtained in terrible visions. To do this, you need to call the mini-boss of the same name by clicking on mailboxes in different quarters of visions. Mailboxes are in plain sight, always in the same places, and it’s hard to miss them. Remember the location of the boxes and click on them whenever you find yourself in a creepy vision of Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

If you no longer need relics and other rewards, you can enter the visions, open the boxes and return without killing extra bosses. 

Mail Muncher appears from the boxes with a great chance, but not every time, so you will probably have to make several visits. True, some players are decidedly unlucky with a Mail Muncher, but that’s another question. It is important to us that it is really easy to get this mount. You just need to go into the vision, click on the mailboxes, call the boss, defeat him and take the loot. By the way, the boss himself is an enlarged copy of the mount.

Smoldering Ember Wyrm

This mount can be obtained in the epoch-making Karazhan version of the Legion. It with a 20% probability falls from a special boss, for which you need to collect crystals placed throughout the dungeon.

The first crystal is in the room behind the opera hall. Picking up this crystal, the group gets an effect that lasts 10 minutes and allows it to move on. The second crystal can be found in the room in front of the Maiden of Virtue. Next, go to Moroes – the third crystal is right behind the boss, and it’s hard to miss it. After that, go down to the dungeon with the spiders and look for the crystal in the far corner (relative to the boss). As you can see, it is almost impossible to collect crystals by chance, because usually Karazhan goes through a different route. A portal appears behind the fourth crystal, with the help of which you can return to the top and save a little time.

Each crystal extends the duration of the effect, allowing you to see the crystals. The last one is in the hands of the Caretaker. Kill the boss and take the crystal that will appear next to the corpse. After the boss, in no case run into the portal after him, but go back. Picking up the fifth crystal, you will get an effect that will allow you to see the ghostly Medivh on the Master’s Terrace.

Medivh launches a mini-event in which players need to fight the boss. A Smoldering Ember Wyrm falls from the Nightbane with a probability of 20% on the player – provided that the player does not have this mount yet. As the number of players in a group increases, the probability increases proportionally.

We hope that this guide will help you in getting cool mounts and it will become easier for you to play World of Warcraft. Don’t forget that in December a new addition was released – Dragonflight, according to the official channel of WoW on Twitter. Therefore, if you want to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Warcraft, you can try the new add-on.

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