How To Evolve Gligar In Legends Arceus?

In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, evolution is the finest approach to increasing the level and quality of your Gligar. If you don’t know the process for it, then we are ready with our article to help you with this. So, be prepared for knowing how to evolve Gligar in Legends Arceus.

In order to evolve a Gligar in Legends Arceus, you must first capture one in-game, then obtain a Razor Fang, which you can purchase at the Trading Post. After getting both, level up your Gligar once at night by using a Razor Fang to get its evolved form Gliscor.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus comes with a large variety of Pokemon, but when it comes to versatile Pokemon, Gligar and its evolution Gliscor always comes first in the list. So, getting Gligar and Gliscor must be a great achievement for you.

If you have not yet added the Gliscor to your list, then here is a chance for you to get at least one for the game.

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How To Evolve Gligar In Legends Arceus?

Gligar and Gliscor, both are Flying and Ground type Pokemon. But if we compare the qualities of both, then Gliscor is better than Gligar in terms of CP, Attacks, Defence, Speed, and many more things. So, getting Gliscor by evolving from Gligar is a good choice for you. 

You first need a Gligar in order to evolve it. If you already have Gligar with you, then you can start with its evolution step. In case you don’t have Gligar, then you can catch it from Coronet Highlands and in Alabaster Iceland.

Keep this thing in your mind, that catching Gligar is a little difficult task. But you can catch it by using the trick of its favorite food which includes Dazzling Honey, Springy Mushrooms, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans.

After getting Gligar, now you are ready to evolve it in Gliscor. For this, you need two items- Gligar and Razor Fang.

You have Gligar but don’t have Razor Fang, so your next step is to get Razor Fang to start the evolution process. 

Well!! In this game, getting Razor Fang is an easy task. You don’t have to get it by battling with someone. All you have to make a purchase of Razor Fang at the Trading Post for 1,400 MP (Merit Points). Don’t worry, if you don’t have MPs, you can get them easily by returning misplaced satchels in the Hisui region.

Even if for some reason, you are not able to gain the MPs, then you still have another option of getting Razor Fang by searching them on the ground inside Space-Time Distortion.

After getting Razor Fang, now you are all ready to get Gliscor by evolving it only at night and by some steps. 

Here are the steps that you have to follow in order to complete the evolution process of Gligar.

  • Talk to the Galaxy member by the tent on any of the Base Camps, choose “I want to view my pokemon” from the prompt, or go to the pastures in the eastern section of Jubilife Village to add the player’s Gligar to their party.
  • Make sure that your Razor Fang is in the satchel of the player. If not, then move it to the player’s satchels by going to the Item Storage in any of the Base Camp or from Front Gate which is located in the northeast of Jubilife City.
  • Make sure that you can do this process only at night time. If not, then you can spend your time resting or sleeping in the tent or with the Galaxy Team Members until the night falls.
  • As night falls, quickly go back to the game and click the “Up directional button” which opened the satchels for players.
  • To use the Razor Fang on Gligar, choose Gligar from your party, then click “Use” on the prompt.
  • Verify the instructions to evolve Gligar. After completing these steps, Gligar will finally evolve into Gliscor.

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Gligar and Razor Fang are the two items that play an important role in getting Gliscor. Also, we have two methods for getting Razor Fang. Out of these two methods, purchasing Razor Fang with 1,400 MP is the simplest method. Finally!! When you are able to achieve Gliscor, you can use it to complete all your other Arceu’s mission and tasks.

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