How To Evolve Pancham Pokemon Go?

This fighting type of Pokemon, Pancham, that we are going to talk about today is really hard to evolve but your efforts can be lessened through our guide to how to evolve Pancham in Pokemon Go. so, are you excited to get your Pangoro which is the final form you get by evolving Pancham? 

To evolve Pancham in Pokemon Go, you have to first catch a Pancham and make it your buddy to walk with it and collect at least 50 Pancham Candies. Then, you will have to catch about 32 Dark Type Pokemon in the game with the same Pancham alongside you as your buddy. Once these requirements are met, you can easily evolve the Pancham into Pangoro.

There is a wide range of Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, but if the players still get tired of the species they are owning, they also have the option to evolve them to get a much improvised and strong version of the same Pokemon. The same goes with Pancham which you can get evolved into Pangoro. 

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How To Evolve Pancham Pokemon Go?

You might already be aware that the Pancham Pokemon gets evolved into Pangoro, and it is the final form of this Pokemon that you can obtain in Pokemon Go. 

While it is quite tough to find Pancham in Pokemon Go, evolving it to Pangoro is not any easier either. This is why we have come up with this A to Z tutorial on how you can attain what you want in Pokemon Go without stressing much over it. 

Before being able to evolve Pancham you obviously need to catch a Pancham Pokemon for yourself first. If you don’t know how to get this rare Pokemon, let us disclose to you that you can find Pancham in the 12km Strange Eggs in the game that you get as rewards as a result of beating Giovanni or any of the Team GO Rocket Leaders in Pokemon Go. 

There was also a Luminous Legends X event where you could take part in the 1-star raids and catch Pancham, however, unfortunately, those raids have ended, but there could be more such raids in the future. Until then, you can go for the Strange Eggs to obtain your own Pancham Pokemon in the game. 

Once you have your Pancham Pokemon as a trainer, you can step forth to make preparations for evolving it into Pangoro. 

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For the evolution process, the first thing you need will be the Pancham candies. The number of candies you need for this evolution is 50. To obtain Pancham candies, you can either capture multiple Pancam Pokemon or by making the specific Pancham your buddy and go on walks with them. 

When you will walk with Pancham as your buddy, you will find candies after every certain period of time which will let you collect all the 50 candies very soon. 

If you are thinking this is all that you need for the evolution of Pancham, then you are absolutely WRONG! 

Evolving Pancham into Pangoro is not the same as evolving any other Pokemon in the game where all you need is the candies specific to that Pokemon. 

In the case of Pancham, if you want to evolve it into Pangoro, you will need to adventure together with it. Now, what is this adventure? See, there is nothing to worry about this, all you have to do is make Pancham your buddy and while keeping the same as your buddy you will need to capture about 32 Dark Type Pokemon in the game only after which you will be allowed to evolve your Pancham. 

Now the pace of catching 32 Dark Type Pokemon with Pancham entirely depends upon how often this category of Pokemon spawns in the area you reside. If you find any event where you can catch such Pokemon, go for it and you will be able to make the evolution quick. 

Otherwise, it is suggested to look for the Dark Type Pokemon during the nighttime because that is when such Pokemon are likely to spawn at a good rate, or else you should set out to catch them when the weather is foggy. 

So, once you have collected all the 50 Pancham candies as well as captured 32 Dark Type Pokemon, you can go to your Pancham’s profile and click on the Evolve button available over there after which you will be able to evolve it immediately if you have correctly met the requirements for the evolution to take place. 

Wrap Up

Now you are completely aware of how to evolve Pancham Pokemon Go and if you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share this with your friends who were also looking for the answer to the same question. Is there any other Pokemon in your mind you are having trouble with evolving? Don’t be shy, tell us in the comments below and we will do good research on it to help you out.

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