How To Evolve Slowpoke In Pokemon Go? Want Slowbro Or Slowking?

If you think that the stamina of your Slowpoke is not good enough for the battles you are planning to use it in, you must get it evolved into a Slowbro or a Slowking. But how will this be done? Well, as long as we are here, you do not need to stress over such petty things, just like today we are going to let you know how to evolve Slowpoke in Pokemon Go. 

To evolve Slowpoke in Pokemon Go, you need to collect 50 Slowpoke candies while keeping a Slowpoke as your buddy Pokemon and using them you can evolve it into a Slowbro, however, if you need a Slowking, you will also need to get an extra item called the King’s Rock. 

Slowpoke is one of the great Dual Type Pokemon you will find in the game Pokemon Go, falling under both Water Type and Psychic Type. While this Pokemon is already good enough, you can further improvise its capabilities by evolving it into a Slowbro or Slowking and we know that you are already looking forward to doing the same. 

If you are ready to evolve your Slowpoke in Pokemon Go, then we are also ready to help you throughout this process. 

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How To Evolve Slowpoke In Pokemon Go?

While one method makes Slowpoke get evolved into a Slowking, the other one evolves it into a Slowbro, so it vastly depends on which items you are using to evolve the Slowpoke you have that will determine what form it will occupy after getting evolved. 

However, the stats of both these evolutionary forms are similar, the only difference being the move sets of these two variants. While a Slowbro uses 55 energy to cause 90 damage with its ice beam attack, a Slowking manages to cause 140 damage with its blizzard attack for 75 energy. So, no matter which one of the two you get, you will be benefitted and it will be a win-win. 

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How To Evolve Slowpoke Into Slowbro In Pokemon Go?

Different Pokemon require different evolutionary items to evolve them into their better versions. If you are just evolving the Kanto version of a Slowpoke, it won’t be much hectic for you. All you need for this purpose is 50 Slowpoke candies. 

To collect these Slowpoke candies, you can just walk with the Slowpoke you want to evolve as your buddy. Or, you can also collect these candies by feeding Pinap Berries to any type of Slowpoke when you are attempting to catch it. 

Once you have all the 50 Slowpoke candies, you can go to the inventory, choose the Slowpoke that you want to evolve, and tap on the Evolve button to get it evolved. 

How To Evolve Slowpoke Into Slowking In Pokemon Go?

If you are planning to obtain a Slowking evolved from the Slowpoke, you don’t need just those 50 candies but also a special extra item. 

This item is known as the King’s Rock. You might have heard of certain evolutionary items like Metal Coats, Sun Stones, and Dragon Scales, just like that, King’s Rock is also one of them. 

So, if you need this King’s Rock in order to evolve Slowpoke into Slowking, then you can get this item by regularly spinning the Photo Discs that are at the PokeStops. 

This item appears at the PokeStops at very infrequent times and rarely so you will need to spin as many PokeStops as you can until you receive a King’s Rock. 

If you are good on your luck, you will soon get one from a PokeStop and then you can use it for the evolution process. Once you have the required items, that is, 50 Slowpoke Candies and one King’s Stone, you can go ahead with the evolution process just as you did in the case of evolving Slowpoke into Slowbro. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have properly understood how to evolve Slowpoke in Pokemon Go. Now, you can choose the form you prefer the most among a Slowbro and a Slowking and you can then accordingly go with the evolution process to obtain what you exactly want. If there is any other Pokemon you are struggling with evolving, you can share it with us in the comments section below and we shall soon prepare another guide for the same so that you can easily get that Pokemon too.

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