How To Get Ready for Your First Gel Ball Game? Follow These Tips

Gel balling is a harmless and fulfilling sport, becoming popular among people of all ages. It can be enjoyed when played with multi-players, especially friends. It is one of the most enjoyable ways of socializing and getting to know new people. 

More or less, gel ball is similar to a paintball game. The only difference is that we use gel balls instead of paintballs. While gel balling is a safe sport, you still need some protective gear like goggles, gloves, and knee pads to save yourself from falling and avoid direct contact with eyes and skin from the slime. 

If you’re new to this game and have planned to participate, here are some things you need to know. This article will provide valuable tips you can rely on to start things off right. We will cover everything from the basic rules of the game to the ways you can improve your skills. So, keep reading whether you’re a beginner or looking to know more about gel balling.


Gel Balling Is A Game Of Mind And Body

Playing gel balling requires a lot of energy and stamina, so make sure you have enough to make it until the end of the game. Before hitting the game day, start preparing yourself for healthy stamina-building exercises. If sweating under the roof in a gym is not your ideal exercise, indulge yourself in other physical activities like jogging and trekking. It will surely build your stamina in a shorter time and aid in achieving strength for other tasks such as mental focus during the game. 

Gel Ball Collection

If you want to make an impression in competitive gel balling, practice is the only way. To have a hands-on experience before your first gel ball game, you must be equipped with your kit. Most toy stores have the full gear, from gel balls to blasters and protective gears. If you love this game, add these items to your gel blasters collection at home. You can buy these from any sports outlet. Some very cool gel blasters are available in the M4 and AK-47 range so that you can upgrade your collection depending on your gaming style. 

Practice In An Open Space 

Practice is the only way to nail this game like any other sport. But you cannot practice it inside a house or a bay area. Usually, there are fields and arenas where people go, rent out gear for the game and start playing gel ball. But for the sake of practice, you need to find a place where you can practice freely in a wide-open space. Choose a spot where there’s no fear of being hit by anything or anyone. 

You can ask a friend of mutual interest to play with you at a place with plenty of space. An empty warehouse, yard, or open fields will suffice. Also, playing alone may not give you the expertise and skills you can experience while playing with someone. So, get someone on your team and start practicing before your game day. 

Learn About Different Gameplay And Modes Of Gel Balling

Although gel balling is a game meant for fun and enjoyment, if you want to become a pro, you must learn different gameplay, modes, and gaming styles. So, choose your play style to excel in it, whether you choose to be a CQB, a Close Quarter Battle player, or a long-range guy. In a close-quarter battle, your gel blaster will be more compact, and in a MilSim kind of game, your gears will consist of the M4 style. Also, it would be best to see where you prefer to play. Indoor and outdoor are two different gameplays that gel balling may have. 

Watch Other People Playing Gel Ball

Playing gel ball can be difficult for people who are naïve to shooting games. You can watch others playing gel balls on the field before your first game; watching YouTube videos will give you an idea of the game rules. It will also increase your knowledge on how to improve your skills. You will learn some valuable techniques, some pro tips to shoot and throw, and get to know different surfaces upon which gel ball is played. Seeing people play will increase your interest and encourage you to be there and test things on your own. 

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So, whether you’re a pro or just starting out as a beginner, it is always good to look for new tips and tricks to make the game even more fun. If you have played the game, you know how challenging the game can be because of the sticky balls and slippery surfaces. You better be equipped with the best protective gears and gel blasters to make the most out of gel balling and up your game! 

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