How To Fight In Pokemon Go?

If you are new to Pokemon Go, you might still not have taken part in any kind of battle, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you have already got a good collection of Pokemon, you can begin with some easy-level fights in the game. But, wait, do you even know how to fight in Pokemon Go? If you don’t, let us help you out with the whole process. 

To fight in Pokemon Go, you need to scan the QR code of the trainer you wish to battle with, who is not on your friend list. If the trainer is your Best Friend or Ultra Friend, you can just go to your Friend list in the game and tap on your friend’s name to challenge them for a battle. Moreover, you can also take part in several kinds of Leagues depending upon the VP of the Pokemon you own. 

Pokemon Go is mainly about battling with the other players or opponents that are available in the game. You get to use the best move sets of your Pokemon collection and show your fighting skills to the other players in the game, which also helps you win a lot of rewards along with the chances to catch several types of Pokemon. 

If you think that you are now ready for a good fight in Pokemon Go, then this article is for you to understand clearly how to fight in the game. 

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How to Fight In Pokemon Go?

To battle the other trainers around you in Pokemon Go, you first need to challenge the trainer which you can do by scanning the battle code of that trainer. 

If you have any Ultra Friends or Best Friends in Pokemon Go that reside near you, you can challenge them remotely. 

And if you also want to battle with the other trainers who are not even on your friend list in Pokemon go, you can challenge them through the GO Battle League in the game. 

Now, if you are planning to battle with an opponent who is not your Ultra or Best Friend, you need to be physically close to each other because both the players will require a special QR code, called the Battle Code to make the fight happen. 

You just have to meet the other trainer and scan their Battle Code to start the battle with them, or you can alternatively share your Battle Code with them to scan and start the battle. 

Once you have reached the trainer level 10 in the game, you can just simply go to the Main Menu of the game and select the “Battle” option where you can choose Nearby Battle and take part in it. 

If you want to remotely battle with your Ultra Friends or Best Friends, you again have to be in close proximity to each other. Then, you have to go to the Map View of Pokemon Go where you need to head to your Trainer Profile. 

Now, tap on the Friends tab present at the top of your screen. This will open the list of your friends in the game where you can select the friend you want to challenge for a battle and then tap on the BATTLE icon. 

To finally send the challenge, tap on the “Let’s Battle” button and once they accept your challenge, the battle will begin right then. 

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Furthermore, you can also choose a League and Battle Party to fight. For this, you will have to select a League depending upon the level of Pokemon you are going to use for the battle. There are three different leagues available in the game. 

1. Master League – which is unlocked only after they own a minimum of 3 Pokemon with the CP exceeding 2500. 

2. Ultra League – which is unlocked only after the players own at least 3 Pokemon with CP between 1500 and 2500, the CP should strictly not be exceeding 2500. 

3. Great League – where the only condition is that the CP of the Pokemon shouldn’t exceed 1500

Wrap Up

We hope that you have completely understood all the ways in which you can fight in Pokemon Go. So, just get a great team of Pokemon on your side so you can also win every battle you fight in the game. If you are still finding any difficulty starting a Battle, share with us the issue you are facing and we shall help you resolve it.

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