Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch – Play The True Sport Virtually

It is hard to pick the best Wrestling Games for Nintendo Switch as there are so many. But you probably won’t wish to end up purchasing the wrong game that you wouldn’t even feel like playing. Right? This is why we have taken out some trusted Nintendo Switch Wrestling Games so you do not need to hesitate before paying for one. 

It is very common for men and boys to get obsessed with fighting scenes. Wrestling is in fact a true sport and males are very fond of watching it on television. Some people might even consider becoming a wrestler. 

However, there are a lot of other things that need to be considered.  Of course, it is not suggested to go for violence and get your limbs broken while you wrestle. 

Although you can not directly indulge yourself in wrestling, you can at least have the virtual experience of the same through several games.

7 Best Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch

There are a lot of Fighting games for Nintendo Switch that you can give a try and these will surely satisfy your need to wrestle. If you are looking for such video games to play on your Nintendo Switch, we are going to suggest the best options you can go for. 

1. WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch

Released by Midway Manufacturing Co. in the year 1995, WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game is a professional wrestling arcade game that has been developed taking into account WWF (World Wrestling Federation) professional wrestling promotion. 

In the game are eight performers from WWF who have to fight against one another, there are voiceovers in the game. And the arcade action in the game is at a fast pace. 

You can purchase this game from Amazon at the rate of just $25.65. 

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2. Saturday Night Slam Masters

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch - Saturday Night Slam Masters

You will get a taste of traditional wrestling in this game. The view of the game is similar to that usually preferred in the genre of a fighting game. There will be a life bar for each character that will show how much strength a wrestler has been left with.

There are three buttons to fight, the jump button, the pin button, and the attack button. Each character in the game is provided with two special and unique attack forms. 

The game is available on Amazon at the cost of $49.87. You can purchase it and play it on your Nintendo Switch. 

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3. WCW Wrestling

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch -WCW Wrestling

WCW(World Championship Wrestling) Wrestling, released in Japan in 1989, is the only wrestling game that has been officially licensed by the NWA. The original release of the game was Superstar Pro Wrestling. 

There are various button combinations for the moves you want to make for your wrestler. There are unique signature moves assigned to each wrestler. You can either play a singles game or even go for team matches for one or two players. 

There is also a one-player tournament mode in which you have to continuously win over several wrestlers to become the champion in the game. 

4. Tecmo World Wrestling

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch - Tecmo World Wrestling

This professional wrestling game was released by Nintendo Entertainment System in the year 1989. The game allows the players to choose one among the ten fictional characters who are professional international wrestlers. 

Being the first ever wrestling game that featured a play-by-play announcer (Tom Talker) gives it an edge over the other similar games. 

You can get this game for just $9.99 on DKoldies. 

5. Super Fire Pro Wrestling

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch - Super Fire Pro Wrestling

In this game, there are up to 16 customizable wrestlers along with wardrobe options, of which you can choose one to play on your side. 

The main focus of the game on timing is what makes it unique and likable. Every wrestler in the game is given three unique variations of their moves that will work at different timings. Only after you are done with using your strongest move to weaken your opponent will grappling be available to you. 

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6. WWF No Mercy

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch - WWF No Mercy

Here is the best professional wrestling game on Nintendo Switch of all time. This game was released in the year 2000.

There is a branching story mode in the game, there are ladder matches as well. The players can not only fight within the ring but also backstage. There is also a Smackdown Mall, from where you can unlock several moves that you can use for your character in the game. 

7. Wrestling Empire

Wrestling Games For Nintendo Switch - Wrestling Empire

This is one of the recent wrestling games for Switch, released in 2021. The ring will be filled with as many as 350 players as you can compete with. The game is quite chaotic. You will get a full suite containing match types along with options as well as you can play booker through the full-featured booking mode. 

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Wrap Up

These were all the best ever wrestling Switch games that you should definitely give a try. If your friends are also looking for such games on Nintendo Switch, share this with them so they can also try these. Share with us in the comments which of these games you liked the most.

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