How To Find Jessie And James In Pokemon Go?

The famous duo of Team Rocket has always piqued our interest in the Pokemon anime, and now is the time to look for them in the game. So, are you ready on this journey on how to find Jessie and James in Pokemon Go? Because, this is going to be really interesting, here we go, then.

To find Jessie and James in Pokemon Go, you have to keep eye on the Meowth Balloon that appears four times a day, once every six hours. To locate the balloon easily, keep your Pokemon Go map to the maximum zoom and tap on the balloon as soon as you find it.

Apart from finding and battling several Pokemon in the game, you also get to face the members of Team Rocket in Pokemon Go just like you watched that happen in the anime of Pokemon. If you are also interested in finding and beating the popular Jessie and James, then this is the ideal place for you to begin with, because the right direction is all you need for now.

Let us, without wasting any time, now move to the guide on getting these two members of Team Rocket so that we can defeat them with our best collection of Pokemon.

How To Find Jessie And James In Pokemon Go?

To make you relieved, let us first tell you that the spawn rate of Jessie and James in Pokemon Go is good enough for you to encounter them throughout the game with much effort.

So, if you find these two members of the Team GO Rocket, you need to keep a keen eye on the game and make sure that you do not miss any Rocket Balloon that appears in the game. And, this balloon is likely to appear once every six hours, which means about four times a day.

Thus, within one complete day, you get about four chances of finding Jessie and James in Pokemon Go, which is no less if you are dedicated to this task.

The appearance of the Rocket Balloon starts right from midnight, however, if you do not locate one appearing automatically just then, you must wait for a few minutes for it to appear.

There are chances that you will only see a regular Rocket Balloon instead of the one having Jessie and James in it, but you must keep trying hard on your luck and you will soon find them.

So, just one important piece of advice from our side, in this case, is that you should keep looking at the map of Pokemon Go by zooming it to the maximum so that you can find them wherever they appear without missing your chance.

Once you find a Meowth Balloon, it means that it is your time to get a chance into a battle with Jessie and James, which means two Team Rocket encounters altogether at once by finding a single balloon which is a great deal for you. All you have to do for this is – tap on the Meowth balloon that you have found even if you quit out of the second encounter.

How To Beat Jessie And James In Pokemon Go?

Remember that every time you find Jessie in the game, you will have to be prepared for a battle with a Shadow Scyther which is fixed, while in the case of James, you will need to be ready to battle a Shadow Pinsir.

After defeating the Shadow Scyther that Jessie sent, next will be Ekans and Stantler. You will see that all the Pokemon that Jessie uses are vulnerable to Steel Type Attacks, so you know what you have to do to beat her, right? Obtain as good Steel Type Pokemon for yourself as you can.

Alternatively, Rock Type, Fire Type, and Psychic Type Pokemon will also work great in a battle with Jessie’s Pokemon.

In the case of James, you will face Koffing and Grimer after the Shadow Pinsir. Since one of his Pokemon is Bug Type and the other two are Poison Type, you must know how you can prepare yourself for the battle against James.

Use a good Fire Type Pokemon against Pinsir, and use any Ground or Psychic Type Pokemon for fighting Grimmer and Koffin.

Wrap Up

That was all you needed to know about finding Jessie and James in Pokemon Go without putting much effort into it. And now you also know everything regarding how you can plan the battles with the right kinds of Pokemon to use against these two Team Rocket members.

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