How To Find Secret Rooms In Gungeon? 8 Secret Rooms

Gungeon contains various mysteries if you have been playing it for a while if not, you can learn the fundamental secrets of entering the Gungeon with the help of this article. In order to enter the Gungeon, you need to know about finding secret rooms in Gungeon.

You can find secret rooms in Gungeon by using your starting gun. There is a secret room if you fire a wall and the bullet impact leaves orange circles. Secret rooms typically exist in rooms with no surrounding furniture. Every floor has a secret room and dungeon, however, a blank cannot enter a secret dungeon.

What Are Secret Rooms In Gungeon?

Players are frequently surprised by unexpected monsters, bizarre boss weapons, bizarre loot, and helpful NPCs while entering the Gungeon. However, not all surprises are obvious; some of them are tucked away, within the Gungeon’s very own walls. 

These must be called Secret Rooms because they are hidden. Each chamber normally has one secret room, but it is possible for a chamber to contain none, more than one, or both. 

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How To Find Secret Rooms In Gungeon?

There are a total of 8 Secret Rooms that you need to find in Gungeon-

  1. Extra Chests
  2. Hidden NPCs
  3. Glitched Chest Floor
  4. Dead Gungeoneer Gear
  5. Oubliette Entrance
  6. The Abbey Of The True Gun
  7. Brother Albern’s Chest Of Lies
  8. Evil Munchers

Extra Chests

Another Chest is the most typical item that can be found in a secret room. A pistol and an item are kept in each of the two chest rooms on each floor. When the chests are destroyed, a variety of items- including ammunition, a friend, and even a devastating explosion can be found.

These secret chests frequently come with keys or armor that are lying on the ground nearby and may even be unlocked. What kind of weapons or items you will get still depends on the color of the chest.

Hidden NPCs

This game features a large cast of NPCs, the majority of whom must be rescued from this dungeon’s depth. To unlock them, you will frequently need a unique key, but once you do, they will wait around eager to offer you some important goods from the breach or from secret places. 

  • Strangely enough, Winchester is a rifle and an NPC. This cunning little guy has put up an entire shooting game for you, and you will receive rewards based on how many of your four shots hit a target.
  • Sometimes you can find three witches hiding behind a fake wall, standing around a cauldron. With a fee, they will offer to exchange a gun for one of the same tier or slightly better.
  • The Lost Adventure is always lost and resembles a hero from another video game series. He will you a random gun or equipment in exchange for your agreement to provide him the blueprints for the current Gungeon level.
  • Ser Manuel’s alter ego, Monster Manuel can only be found in the Gungeon once you have finished his covert mission with his former partner, Blocker. With your assistance, he resumes dungeoneering and offers you a reward.
  • In this game, there are a lot of merchants, and you may find them in the secret rooms on every floor. Keep a watch out for cracks because a fortunate Blank or another explosion will reveal the door to these rooms. The vendors offer a wide variety of helpful items.
  • One of the NPCs that can be rescued from arbitrary prison cells in the Gungeon is Synegrace. The player will then encounter a tall, blue lady who will offer them something that works well with what they already have. Even though you will have to pay her before you know what you are getting, Synegrace is immensely helpful on any run.

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Glitched Chest Floor

After clearing a room, chests can occasionally appear, and they can look a little strange. These are glitched chests. By opening it, the player will be transported to a hidden floor that is inaccessible. 

On this floor, there are just two rooms that lead to a boss room with two glitched Beholsters. In essence, defeating them both will guarantee a successful Gungeon run because they both drop great stuff. Only once the player has defeated the Beholster once and visited the Gungeon at least 10 times with these chest spawns.

Dead Gungeoneer Gear

A letter and a very tragic outcome are revealed in some secret rooms. But thanks to one unfortunate Gungeoneer. These chambers can be filled with a variety of tier-based things in chests and scattered objects. Prior to plundering all of their loot, don’t forget to say a little thank you.

Oubliette Entrance

The Oubliette is a secret room that is simpler to access. A fireplace and a water bucket are always present in the Keep of the Lead Lord. When this barrel is interacted with, it can be rolled past the fireplace to put out the fire and uncover a hidden button on the back. Push the interact button within the fireplace until a chime is heard.

Two keys are needed to open the padlocks at the door of the Oubliette, which is located somewhere on this level and features a new room that has opened up. 

The Abbey Of The True Gun

There is a burial chamber in the Gungeon proper that is filled with stone reliefs of fallen bullet warriors. The secret staircase can be accessed by sliding the Old Crest onto the altar. There are many surprises in this game.

To reach the Old King and the Abby of the True Gun, descend the stairs. 

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Brother Albern’s Chest Of Lies

It makes sense that a monk would live here given that this room is decorated in the style of the Gundead faith. They will ask some questions to the player, if he/she correctly answers a question, they will receive a chest.

Evil Munchers

Evil Muncher will always be in Bullet Hell. They will not spit forth a more effective weapon after being fed, in contrast to their less malevolent counterpart. Instead, to unlock the Gunslinger’s Ashes gun, ten firearms must be contributed over several runs. After that, there is a 25% chance that each gun given to an Evil Muncher will spawn an A or S-category weapon for the player to take.


All this is the complete information on the secret rooms of the Gungeon. I hope after reading this article, you will be able to gather a lot of helpful information regarding Gungeon’s secret room. Just keep your gun ready, while entering any of these secret rooms.

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