How To Find Spawners In Minecraft? 5 Exact Locations

Is this your first time playing Minecraft? If yes, a small tip for you. Must gather some information on how to find Spawners in Minecraft before you start playing it. Because in Minecraft, a Mob Spawner can be incredibly useful.

There are many such cases in the game where you will just require Spawners in order to progress further in the game. However, it might be challenging for you to carry on with the game if you did not have Spawners at that time. So finding them first makes better sense. But finding one is incredibly difficult, it requires a lot of effort. Don’t Worry!! We are here to reduce your effort by guiding you on how you can find them.

You can use the locate command to find Spawners by using Mansions, Nether Fortresses, and other buildings, or you can use it to find the nearest Badlands, where there are a lot of Mineshafts. Utilize chunk base tools for dungeons. If not, explore caves while listening out for mob sounds.

It’s not all over here. There is a lot more information in the further article, which will make it easier for you to find Spawners. So, if you have made up your mind about playing Minecraft, then you should never take Spawners lightly.

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What Are Spawners In Minecraft?

In the game Minecraft, Spawners are objects that have a tiny mob inside of them. It resembles a cage and aids in spawning as the player approaches it. In reality, the Spawner makes it easy to spawn a variety of things.

How To Find Spawners In Minecraft?

You can find Spawner in Minecraft in a variety of ways. They are often growing everywhere on the planet, but breaking them will not allow you to collect them. The locations where spawners can be found are-

  • Bastion Remnants- Magma Cube Spawner
  • Dungeons- Spider Spawner (25%), Skeleton Spawner (25%), and Zombie Spawner (50%)
  • Mineshafts- Cave Spider Spawners
  • Nether Fortresses- Blaze Spawner
  • Strongholds- Silverfish Spawner

Bastion Remnants For Magma Cube Spawner

You can find these structures in the Nether. Except for the fact that they are not found near Nether Fortresses, there is no practical way to locate them. However, you can use the command, which is described below, to locate them. As you do with all of these structures. 

Command to find any structure

The locate structure command can also be used to locate these structures. If you want any structure in finding spawners in Minecraft, you have to open your command box and just write this command:

/locate structure minecraft:mansion

Dungeons For Finding Zombie, Spider, And Skeleton Spawner

These are the kind of buildings that the overworld generates at every altitude. Small spaces called dungeons are constructed of mossy and cobblestoned surfaces. One or two chests spawn in these chambers on demand. The spawners can either be a skeleton, a zombie, or a spider.

Dungeons are difficult to find. Since they are underground, no one above ground can see them. We will look at some tips for locating them.

Tips on finding dungeons

Here are some tips for you to find them easily.

  • Deserts: Because sand blocks collapse when there isn’t another block beneath them, the Dungeon’s empty space may do so. A square hole will be created in the surface as a result. Years ago, it used to happen must less frequently now. But it’s still worth giving a shot.
  • Underground Caves: Since caves are always connected to Dungeons, you should navigate through them rather than digging arbitrary tunnels everywhere.
  • Turn the Volume Up when Underground: You might be close to a Zombie Spawner if you are exploring a cave and hear numerous Zombie noises.
  • Watch out for sudden patches for CobbleStone: Keep an eye out for dungeons because, as you are undoubtedly already aware, they are bordered by cobblestone and mostly cobblestone rather than plain stone.

Mineshafts For Finding Cave Spider Spawners

This one is the simplest to locate. Since the various wooden planks in Minecraft contrast with the stone of the Ravines, you can easily find them there. 

In the Badlands, mineshafts also develop frequently, so you can start looking there if you are interested in finding this kind of building. 

The Spider-Spawner will be hidden in Cobweb-filled areas, so after you locate a mineshaft, start looking there.

Use the Octabiome command to locate the nearby badlands where you can look for Mineshafts. Simply open the command and enter the following:

/locate biome minecraft:badlands

Nether Fortresses For Finding Blaze Spawners

In every biome, where the blazing Spawner can be found, you can discover Nether Fortress in the Nether Realm. The Flame, an exclusive mob, is the source of this blaze spawner. Additionally, spawners construct blazing farms that yield blaze rods. You can also same the same locate command to find this structure.

Strongholds For Finding Silverfish Spawner

The final location you must visit before pursuing the Nether Dragon and finishing the game is a stronghold. These are the overworld buildings with a variety of chambers, including the portal room, which houses a Spawner.

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This entire article is about where to find Spawners in Minecraft. We made an effort to provide you will all the relevant information that you need to know as a newbie just entering the world of Minecraft.  I appreciate you taking the time to read this far, and I hope you will find this article useful. Share your comments in the comment box.

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