How To Fix Low FPS In Apex Legends For PS4?

If you are playing any First Person Shooter game, then you must know about the importance of FPS for these games. FPS (Frames Per Second) is also a crucial aspect of Apex Legends and if you are facing a problem with the low FPS for this game, especially for PS4 players, then here in this article you will be guided properly on how to fix this low FPS issue for your game. 

Many times while playing Apex Legends you must have noticed that the game is not clearly visible on your screen, this happens because of the low FPS in your game. Sometimes, due to some lag or any kind of error, you have faced this issue but thankfully we have some methods for you to increase your FPS for Apex Legends PS4.

To increase your FPS in Apex Legends you have to do some things like to clean your PS4 completely, Build again the PS4 system database, Enable boost mode for your PS4, get the most recent game updates and install them, Install an SSD, and Apex Graphics settings to increase FPS.

Apex Legends is a game that suddenly appeared and quickly rose to the top spot. After the game has such good importance, its smallest issue should also be fixed to maintain the importance of Apex Legends in the gaming world. For this, you need to fix the low FPS issue for Apex Legends as soon as possible. Let’s make you introduce some methods to fix this. 

How To Fix Low FPS In Apex Legends For PS4?

Here we have 6 methods that you can try on your own in order to fix low FPS for PS4 for Apex Legends. Take a deep look at all these methods. 

Method 1 Make Sure To Clean Your PS4 Thoroughly

You should clean your PS4 by deleting all unnecessary data. You can delete unnecessary video clips and then continue to capture the gallery, which will significantly improve your PS4 performance and give you more FPS in Apex Legends. 

Also, make sure to clean up your hard drives and storage by going to the PS4 home screen and settings. Disable any game you no longer play. 

Method 2 Build Again The PS4 System Database

Rebuilding your PS4 system database is another way to increase your FPS in Apex Legends. You must completely close the PS4 by holding down the power button for seven seconds, and you will hear two beeps from your PS4.

After that, simply plug the USB cable into your PS4 and connect your PS4 to your PC controller, scroll down to the safe mode, and select the PS4 database option. There is a good chance that you will get high FPS for your PS4 with this method. 

Method 3 Enable Boost Mode For Your PS4

Boost Mode is a feature for PS4 pro that uses the console’s upgraded power to improve the visuals, framerates, and overall performance of games that have not been officially enhanced for the PS4 pro. So, there is no reason to use its feature by enabling it for your PS4.

Method 4 Get The Most Recent Game Updates And Install Them

One of the reasons for having low FPS is that you have not updated your game and so far you are playing the old version game. For this, you need to check out the latest version of the game and install it, and started playing it. Maybe your low FPS issue fixes with this one method.

Method 5 Install Apex Legends On SSD To Fix Low FPS

Sometimes the problem is with your storage, in that situation you need to clear or replace your hard drives. SSD is more costly than hard disks, but they provide many more advantages than hard disks. In addition to the increased speed, they use less power. So, now it’s time to install Apex Legends on SSD to fix the issue with low FPS.

Method 6 Apex Graphics Settings To Increase FPS

Reduce all graphics settings to the lowest possible level. This will definitely result in more FPS and fix your issue of low FPS for Apex Legends for PS4.


From this, we are done with our methods to fix the low FPS in Apex Legends for PS4. These are the best 6 methods that will definitely solve your problem and result in an increase in your FPS for the game for better performance. 

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