How To Fix Low FPS In VRChat In 10 Steps?

It is very common that there is always some kind of lag present in VRChat whether it is a low FPS issue, lagging issue, or performance issue. Most of you must have gone through one of these issues at some point. The lagging issue and the performance issue are easily fixed with time with some simple methods. But many people are not aware of how to fix low FPS in VRChat, as it is something that needs some special steps to solve. 

We all know that VRChat is a special virtual-based avatar-type video game that is available on PC, Oculus Quest, Steam VR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift liked by almost everyone due to its high graphic visuals and avatar customization. Well!! The point is that any online game based on a virtual platform with an avatar looks good only at high FPS. It is obvious that low FPS can completely destroy the quality and fun of virtual gaming. So, we have brought some steps so that you do not have to face such Low FPS problems in VRChat.

To fix low FPS in VRChat we have almost 10 effective steps for you. Some of them include easy fixation like reinstalling the graphics drivers, Restarting your PC, Checking the integrity of the game’s files, closing the background programs, or purchasing a new computer. 

Apart from these basic steps, we have a few more steps that are a little tricky to understand but are most effectively explained in the article. So, just don’t stop reading it.

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How To Fix Low FPS In Vrchat?

If you are facing an issue with low FPS in Vrchat, then these are some steps that you should try. Follow these steps one by one until it solves your problem.

Step 1: You need to install the most recent graphics drivers for your computer. Update windows, steam, and VRchat to their most recent versions.

Step 2: Delete your unnecessary VR Cache, which can be found in windows under this program:


Delete everything except output_log.txt and config.json, if exist. This step usually solves most of the problems, but in case you still having problems with your low FPS, then we have another step for you.

Step 3: Hold down the shift while starting VRChat through steam, and it should open a menu where you can select graphics settings. Set it to either vrlow because the default High settings are very heavy on your computer. As compared to Vrlow it does not improve the look. Desktoplow is extremely efficient, but things appear flattered and shadow pixelated.

Step 4: In steam, right-click on the vrchat. Then, click properties, navigate to the local files tab and select the “Verify integrity of games files” option.

Step 5: You can also try installing new vrchat by deleting the old one from steam.

Step 6: Reinstall steamVR and double-check that you have deleted all your old steamVR folder settings, such as Driver4VR or any other driver from steamVR.

Step 7: Keep a check on the background applications. If any application is running unnecessarily then close all of them besides steam and steamVR.

Step 8: Need to install windows again, but only the software required to run SteamVR.

Step 9: Most effective and easy method above all is restarting your PC. You won’t believe even the biggest problem can sometimes resolve by just turning on/off your devices. So, why shouldn’t try this one for VRChat? 

Step 10: If any of the steps solve your FPS issue, then maybe the problem is with your computer. So, in the last step, you are advised to buy a new and better computer.

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All these steps are really effective in their own way. But everyone’s problem will be solved with a different step. According to my point of view, restarting the PC is the easiest step of all, so you can try to fix your issue with this step first. VRChat with high FPS is seriously a fun game, so don’t spoil your fun by playing this at low FPS. Quickly resolve your issue and started enjoying this game alone in a virtual world or with your friends. 

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