How To Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error? [2023-24 Updated]

Welcome, back gamers! If you are looking for a guide to answer the question of how to fix PlayStation Vue location error then, you have come to the right place. 

For your information, let us tell you that a PlayStation Vue location error occurs when the service uses your IP address to determine your location and restricts your access, based on the content of some licensing agreements. 

You can very easily correct this error sitting at home or outside the home by fixing your location settings and other alternate methods. 

To know in detail about those alternate methods, give a read to this article till the end!

Methods To Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error

Sometimes the problem is not so big that we can’t fix it ourselves, even, though there is hardly any such problem that doesn’t have a solution. 

So, let’s move towards our solutions and fix the PlayStation Vue location error. 

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error By Making Connection With Primary Router

You can very easily fix this issue by making the connection with the primary router. This problem may occur when the PS4 Vue notices that your IP address differs from the router. 

To ignore this problem you must connect with the main router and by connecting to it you will notice that by using the primary network location, your IP address will be recognized by your device, and this will solve your problem. 

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error By Optimizing Your DNS Server

You can fix your issue with the help of a DNS server and also make your experience much better. This setting will help you to get rid of lag issues, slow processing; better network performances faster downloading, and much more. 

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error By Updating The App

Sometimes your problem gets solved just by updating the application.

After updating, there are some changes in your gaming which will be noticed by you and the update will also remove files like cache data. 

Many gamers also admit that they have faced problems regarding location and navigation in some updates. 

Therefore, it would be better that you check whether any updates are available and if so, update it immediately. 

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error By Clearing Cache & Cookies

Whenever you are facing any technical problem with your PS device, and the problem is regarding location and navigation then, we must suggest clearing your browsing cache data and also the browsing cookies. 

After removing unnecessary files from your device, keep in mind to give a force restart to your device. 

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error Via Support Centre

By contacting the support center, you will be able to resolve this issue effortlessly. As you visit the support webpage, you will notice the FAQ section on your screen.

Find the FAQ saying- “I am seeing…error messages about…my location, what should… I Ido”, and after that, you will find enough information to get rid of this PlayStation vue location error.

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error By Turning Off Your VPN

We always prefer to use some kind of VPN or proxies to avoid any location error, so that, we can play or run our work trouble-free. 

But these proxies do give you a hard time when it comes to location. 

Mostly gamers use VPN for their gaming only when they know that the particular game will not run properly in their region. 

And to stay away from that problem they take the help of VPNs. Since, when VPN also starts giving you a hard time, simply turn it off. 

Fix PlayStation Vue Location Error By Using The Location Feature

To fix the PlayStation Vue location error by using the location feature, you simply need to follow the following given below steps:

  1. First of all, open the browser on your device and get logged in to your PS4 Vue.
  2. Now, go to the top right corner of your screen and choose the account name of yours. 
  3. After this, hit the manage subscription option and then move to the summary tab. 
  4. At last, tap on the fix your location settings and then complete the commands by prompts displaying on your screen. 


So, we have covered how to fix the PlayStation Vue location error and all possible methods to resolve this query. 

Let’s tell you that all the above-mentioned methods are 100% working and tested. In case, you find some difficulty in one of the methods you can try another one to resolve your issue. 


Q1. How much is PS Vue?

Ans. The price range of PS Vue will start from $44.99 to $79.99 per month, depending on its packages. 

Q2. What is SONY called now?

Ans. Sony Corporation is now Sony Group Corporation, by, 1st April 2021.

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