Oculus Quest 2 Air Link Not Working

Did you ever feel disappointed when you tried to play virtual games but the Oculus air link wouldn’t connect? Although frustrating, this will not be the end of the world. Let’s now look at the solution to the Oculus air link not working issue.

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Oculus Quest 2 Air Link Not Working

These are possible solutions to the Oculus air link not working on your Windows PC.

  1. Task Manager enables you to relaunch Oculus software.
  2. Update all your device drivers.
  3. Modify the Wi Fi channel.
  4. All conflicting programs should be closed.
  5. Use Oculus Debug Tool to check.
  6. Factory reset your Quest.

How long does it take for airlink to work?

Airlink works best when there is minimal interference from other connected devices. You will also need to ensure your Quest (computer/laptop), and the network are both on the same network. Air Link setup shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes if everything is ready.

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Why is my virtual desktop black?

This is usually due to a timeout limit for inactivity. The screen will turn black if you’re not using it. It will also time out after 15 minutes. You should be able to restart the computer if you work on it again in a short time. If you don’t, your computer will automatically be disconnected.

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