Is Bereal Public? Ways to Make Bereal Account Public

There are so many people who are very fond of being famous on Social Media. For increasing their Social Media Account reach, they started making their account public. What about Bereal? People also want to make their Bereal account public. But they don’t know, “Is Bereal Public”? You will get the complete information for the Bereal account in this article.

Well!! It comes as sad news for those users who want to make their Bereal account public that “Bereal is not a public account”. In general, sharing your images publicly may be a risk. By keeping that thing in mind, Bereal developers have set the Bereal account to private by default. But, Wait!! What if I say that you can make your Bereal account public on your own? But how? Explained further in the article.

These are the 5 steps to make Bereal Public:

Step1:  Open your Bereal App

Step2:  Click a Snap

Step3:  Click on Add a Caption

Step4:  Click on “Options”

Step5:  Select “My Friends And Discovery”.

Is Bereal Public?

Is Bereal Public? No, the Bereal account is not public, but if you still want to make your Bereal account public, then you are allowed to do so. Yes, by applying some changes in the Bereal account settings, you can be able to make your Bereal public. What are the ways to make Bereal Public?

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Ways to Make Bereal Public

Here’s a guide on how to make your Bereal Public.

Open Your Bereal App

Open the Bereal App on your phone and click the symbol to sign in to your Bereal account.

Click A Snap

Then, you have to click your snap, either by front camera or rear camera, and upload it to your Bereal account.

Click On Add A Caption

Before uploading a snap, you have to add your caption.

Click On “Options”

On the Right side, you have to click the “option” icon.

Select “Discovery Feed”

On that page, you will see the two options:

  • My Friends And Discovery
  • My Friends Only

My Friends And Discovery: Clicking on “My Friends And Discovery” will make your posts public. Your friends and unknown persons are able to see your pictures in the discovery feed.

My Friends Only: Clicking on “My Friends Only” will make your posts private. Only your friends whom you will allow can be able to see them.

In short, you have to select the option “My Friends And Discovery” in order to make your Bereal Account Public.


Now you know whether BeReal is public or not. You can simply make your Bereal Account public, by doing simple 5 steps. No matter whether your account is public or private, the Bereal app is safer to use and is the only good social media app. In my point of view, keeping your Bereal account private it’s best to keep your account private, otherwise, if you don’t want to make it private, you can make it public too, we have a solution for making Bereal’s account public.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When You Make Your Bereal Account Public?

As soon as you make your Bereal account public, your uploaded pictures can be seen by anyone whether they are your friend or not. In short, everything you post on your Bereal account is accessible to everyone.

Is It Safe To Make Your Bereal Public?

Overall, Bereal is a safer app to use. But, as Bereal is a Photo-Sharing app, there are some kinds of risks and concerns that you should take care of. In case, if anyone tries to do something irrelevant with your feed, then you can simply report that particular user’s account to secure your public account.

How to make Bereal’s account private?

By simply clicking on the option “My Friends Only”, you will be able to make your Bereal account private.

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