How To Fix Warzone Game Chat 2022

We guess you are also facing the trouble of warzone game chat not working properly, and we understand the pain. After going through all the possible ways, we finally find out the answer to how to fix Warzone game chat. Come along with us if you also want to know that. 

How to fix Warzone Game Chat? – You have to first check for any updates for Windows or your audio drive. Then adjust your in-game settings to enable the Crossplay mode and set your mic as the default recording device. A lot of other things have to be taken care of and don’t worry, we are going to discuss them as well. 

Playing CoD Warzone is complete fun only when you play it with friends while using the game chat. It helps the team to plan things better and all the players are aware of each other’s next moves. 

If the mic and audio in your Warzone’s game chat are not working properly, then now is going to be an end to this issue because you will be able to resolve it easily with our assistance. 

Why Is My Warzone Game Chat Not Working Properly?

There are several factors that might hinder the proper functioning of your Warzone game chat, and each of them can be fixed with a little effort. 

Before you fix the issue, you should first be aware of what possible reasons could be causing this problem, here these are:

1. Poor connection of your device. 

2. The recording device is not properly set up. 

3. The audio driver is outdated. 

4. Windows is not updated

5. Improper in-game settings. 

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How To Fix Warzone Game Chat?

Are you ready to find all the possible solutions on how to fix Warzone game chat? Here we go, then.

1. Make Sure The Device Has Proper Connections

At first, you will have to check if all the cables and wires connected to your headphone are fine and connected properly. If there is a loose connection or a broken cable, you should quickly fix it. 

If everything seems fine, still replug the cables and check if the game chat is now working properly. Also, make sure that the mic linked to the game has been turned on. 

2. Properly Set Up Your Recording Device

If there is no problem with the hardware, you now have to check if the recording device you are using has been properly set up with your device. 

You have to check if your mic has been set as the default recording device on both your Windows as well as the client. If not, then change it to the default device to make it work. 

3. Make Sure The Audio Driver Is Updated

If your audio driver is outdated, then you will have to update it. You might have the idea how long it has been since you updated your audio driver the last time, and if it was long ago, then just update it right away.

Plus, you might also need to unlock the hidden features if you are using a high-end set up for playing Warzone. 

You can update your audio driver either manually or automatically (with the help of Driver Easy). 

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4. Install All Updates For Windows

All the updates that are available for your Windows should be installed, it usually fixes such troubles like the one you are facing. 

To do this, just press Windows + I(i) keys on your keyboard to open Windows Settings. Here, select the “Update & Security” option. 

Now check if any updates are available and install them. For this, you just have to click on the “Check For Updates” button. 

Now, see if the issue in the Warzone game chat has been resolved or not. 

5. Adjust Warzone’s In-Game Settings

The last thing that you can look for is the in-game settings of Warzone, which might not be properly adjusted. You can change them to see if it works. 

Here are the steps that you need to follow to change the in-game settings of Warzone. 

1. Launch the game Warzone and click on “Options”. 

2. Go to the Audio tab. 

3. Now, enable the voice chat under the Voice chat section. 

4. Also, set the Voice chat recording mode to Open Mic. 

5. Also, set a moderate volume for the voice chat and microphone, it should at least be above 100. 

6. Finally, set the open mic recording threshold to ZERO. 

7. Apart from this, also enable the Crossplay communication under the Account Tab in the Online section. 

Save the settings and check the working of the Warzone game chat. It will definitely start working properly. 

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Wrap Up

This was all about how to fix Warzone game chat. Share this with your friends who are also unable to use the Game Chat in Warzone properly and play the game better. If you are still facing any issues with it, tell us your problem in the comments section so we can help you fix it.

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