How to Get a Full Report from a DMV VIN Check

When purchasing a car for the first time, you will realize that certain things like DMV VIN lookup are an important part of the process. The decision to buy a car is a huge step and you have to proceed with precaution. Whether it is a new or a second-hand one, you need to run a DMV check VIN to get the full history report. The information provided shows you that the car you are buying is in good condition and clears any doubt. 

What is a DMV VIN Check?

The 17-character vehicle identification number can take away most of your worries when you are getting a car. Just like a thumbprint or a social security number, the VIN is a special identifier for your car. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and insurance agencies use the data the digits provide to track the car’s damage, recalls, ownership, history, and more. If you input the VIN to conduct DMV check VIN lookup, you will know more about the past and secrets of the vehicle.

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How to Get a Free DMV VIN Check

Imagine buying your dream car only for the authorities to pull you up that it is stolen property. Or even worse, meeting the previous owner of the stolen vehicle. Running a DMV VIN check before sealing the deal will save you all these nightmares. VIN check companies can give you a full report for a fee. However, you can still get some information on your vehicle’s history through several free methods.

One method is looking up car specifications, pricing details, and fuel by running the VIN on the VIN checker. You can also check for theft and fraud when you run VIN on the National Insurance Crime Bureau website. The report from NICB will inform you if the auto is in the theft records or not. The third method is to type search on the National Highway Transport Safety Administration site for recalls.  

The last option is to ask the vehicle seller to provide you with a VIN search. Keep in mind that most dealers provide free car history reports when purchasing. However, you need to take precautions and avoid misleading checks.

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Pay for VIN Checks

If you want a complete report on your automobile, then you have to dig into your pockets. The free VIN checks only open your eyes to the red flags, but they don’t dig deeper into the car’s details. Sites like Faxvin can help you access full paid reports by inputting your VIN. It offers a detailed report on where the vehicle was previously sold, if it had been leased or if it was in service to the police. 

Steps for DMV VIN Lookup

You first must locate the VIN, which in most cases is on the driver or passenger’s side of the doorframe, below the dashboard, or the spare tire. Scribble down the number for a copy to outsmart fraudulent sellers who might try to cover vehicle issues. Using this VIN, go to the search bar, enter the VIN, and click search. The check button will bring a full DMV report on the vehicle instantly. After confirming the data, you can proceed with the buying process and close the deal.

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