Why You Should Create a Mobile Application for Your Business

A mobile application is a software specifically developed to run on a mobile device with a touch interface. This broad definition includes tablets and smartwatches. But if you do not provide additional details, everyone understands that you are talking about an application developed for smartphones.

A mobile application for your business can help you reach more clients and increase your revenue. You should look for the right experts to develop one for your company. NIX is an app development company in usa that can develop a cross-platform mobile app for your business. In this article, we will look at the benefits of creating a business mobile app. 

Why create a mobile application?

Thus, the smartphone has become a ubiquitous communication tool which affects practically all socio-demographic categories. For many, it is also the only way to access the Internet. From this fact, it is the best medium to reach the widest possible population and access millions of new potential customers. But to do this, however, it will be necessary to succeed in developing an effective application that will meet one or more existing needs.

There are three main types of mobile apps:

  • The product application: the application itself is the product and is generally sold to the user. It can be a consumer or professional application. It fulfils a user’s need, and how it meets this need determines its success. It may be free and financed, for example, by advertising or a subscription, which makes it possible to benefit from additional functionalities.
  • The service application: generally free, it is offered by a company in addition to its service offer. It is also a powerful marketing tool to maintain the link with the customer and present him with new offers. A typical example is the banking application offered by all banks today. 
  • The sales application: it is mainly used to sell physical products and can be accompanied by services to better build customer loyalty. It is not only an “online store” which facilitates the taking of orders but also an important vehicle for marketing and advertising. The company offers it to increase its sales, maintain the link with its customers, increase brand loyalty, and access new audiences as part of a multi-channel strategy.

Categories of mobile apps

Applications are classified into 3 main categories depending on the technological choices made to produce them: native applications, cross-platform applications, and web applications.

Native apps

Applications developed specifically for a particular mobile platform are known as native applications. They use all the technologies offered by the operating system (Android or iOS) and the hardware platform. They theoretically provide the best possible performance and the most possibilities in terms of functionality.

Cross-platform apps

If you want to offer the same application on iOS as on Android, there are alternatives to the development of two technically entirely separate applications. Development teams have the cheaper option of using a common codebase to produce the two versions needed, which is possible with some tools like Xamarin and Flutter. 

Upon arrival, there will still be two applications produced (each is compiled for its platform), but it will have taken less time to develop them. However, these applications have certain limitations and are often more demanding on storage, computing power, and RAM than purely native applications.

Web apps

A web application is implemented with web technologies, i.e., native APIs. Their main advantage, often put forward, is a lower development cost compared to native and cross-platform apps, but this is not systematic.

There are different formats of web applications. Among the most common are hybrid apps encapsulated in a native web viewer app (UIWebView on iOS and WebView on Android) and Progressive Web Apps, which are an online app format pushed by Google.

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