How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go 2022?

Have you heard of an item called Mystery Box in Pokemon Go? Well, if you are willing to get the Pokemon Meltan in the game, then it is important to know about this box as well as how to get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go. 

To get a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go, you need to first send a Pokemon of yours from Pokemon Go to another Pokemon game – either Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Let’s Go, Eevee!, or Pokemon Home, by linking the two games and, as a result, the Mystery Box will automatically appear in your game’s bag in Pokemon Go, simple as that! However, you might be confused with linking the two games, don’t worry you will soon understand. 

Being some of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, all the players have their eyes on the Mythical Pokemon in the game, one of them is a Meltan, which is also a Mythical Pokemon under the Steel Type and appears temporarily only and only when a player opens the Mystery Box. This is getting really mysterious and you would definitely want to know about it. 

If you wish to know about a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go and how to get it to catch a Meltan Pokemon, then here are all your answers. 

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What Is A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go?

Well, there is only one use of the Mystery box in Pokemon Go which is to make the rarest of the rare mythical Pokemon Meltan appear in the game for the players to get an opportunity to catch it. 

This is the only possible way for making this Steel Type Pokemon Meltan appear in the wild on a temporary basis, so if any player wants this Pokemon they have no choice but to get a Mystery Box for themselves. 

How To Get A Mystery Box In Pokemon Go?

If you really want this Meltan Pokemon which is quite rare in Pokemon Go, then now you are going to know how to get it.

For obtaining a Mystery Box, the players will require to send a Pokemon of theirs from the game Pokemon Go to any of the games Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee!, or Pokemon Home. 

After you activate this Mystery Box, you only get a duration of three days within which you need to send another Pokemon in one of the same three Pokemon games again to reactivate it. 

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Linking Two Pokemon Games

Now let us see how this activation of Mystery Box can be done. Here are the precisely mentioned steps that you need to follow for this purpose. We are referring to the Pokemon Home game here. 

1. First you need to download the Pokemon Home app on your device that you will find on your respective PlayStore or AppStore. The device should be the same as the one you are using for playing Pokemon Go. 

2. Next, launch the game and complete the setup where you need to mention your DOB which you can’t change again. Then, also link your account to the same account of Nintendo that you are using on Switch which will be helpful for you sometime later. 

3. After you are done with the setup on Pokemon Home, return to Pokemon Go and press the Pokeball icon to open the menu. 

4. Now, press the Gear icon to go to Settings present at the top right of your screen and scroll down to find the option of the game Pokemon Home. Tap on it. 

5. Next, you have to pair both your apps of yours by using the same Nintendo Account that you previously used. 

Obtaining A Mystery Box

This was all about linking the two games after which you have to go for the further process. Next, you have to go to the Pokemon Go app to send a Pokemon to the other game which will be done through the “Send Pokemon” option. You can send any of the Pokemon that you do not need in the game so your useful Pokemon doesn’t go wasted. 

Once you have transferred one Pokemon of yours, you can check your in-game bag where you will find the Mystery Box. 

Now you can open the Mystery Box and right from this moment, Meltans will begin to spawn on a high scale for the next 30 minutes when you can look for one and catch it. 

If you again want to use a Mystery Box in Pokemon Go, then you will need to wait at least 7 days from the day you activated your last Mystery Box. 

Wrap Up

We think now you have become completely aware of the importance of the Mystery Box in Pokemon Go as well as how to get this Mystery Box in the game. So, start with linking the apps and catch your rare Meltan Pokemon to brag about it in front of your friends.

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