Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun

When it comes to hitting the target with powerful shots, a handgun is all you need in Resident Evil 8, right? There are several handguns you can use in the game but we are also going to let you know which is Resident Evil 8 best handgun. 

Resident Evil 8, or say, Resident Evil Village is quite a popular entry in the series. As you play this survival horror from the perspective of the first person, things get really thrilling while you attack your enemies. 

Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun is the V61 Custom, which is a fully automatic one, and among all the handgun weapons, this one has the highest stats which gets it to the top of the list. Its parts can be customized to make this handgun far stronger. 

Let us know more about V61 Custom along with some other great handguns that players can use in Resident Evil 8. 

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Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun

Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun - V61 Custom

As mentioned, V61 Custom is the Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun you can use in the game. You will be able to get V61 Custom near the end of the game when you will reach the Heisenberg’s Factory on the first run. You get the handgun through Duke’s Emporium.

To make it far stronger, you can also purchase its parts in the New Game + from the Duke that can be customized, and then your enemy cannot escape unaffected by its shots. Also, since the enemies by the end game drop too much money and treasures, it will be not that big of a deal to upgrade your handgun quickly. 

You can purchase V61 Custom from The Duke anytime after you have arrived at the Heisenberg Factory. 

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Other Resident Evil 8 Best Handguns

Apart from V61 Custom, there are several other handguns that you would surely love to use as they are also a good substitution. These include M1911 and LEMI. Let us know about these two as well briefly. 

1. M1911

Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun - M1911

M1911 is a great choice among the handguns in Resident Evil 8 as you can use rapid fire as you just hold down the fire button. This is the second gun that you will find in the game. The gun has inexplicable firepower as well as a fire rate. However, the only drawback you can pick in this handgun is that there are very few bullets that the M1911 can hold. 

You can find M1911 in a cupboard next to the Jack Handle inside the workshop. The cupboard would be locked and you will have to use the combination code 070408 if you want to unlock the handgun. 

You can also upgrade M1911 from the Duke, thus providing it with an improved grip and high-capacity Mag through customization. 


Resident Evil 8 Best Handgun - LEMI

This one is the first handgun that the players get a hold of in the game. You get LEMI from Grigori Stan as you enter his house in a cutscene. You can upgrade this handgun providing it with a high-capacity Mag and a recoil compensator. The custom parts can be taken from the Duke, and you can also increase the firepower of this handgun. 

Although LEMI cannot surpass M1911, it sure has quite a tight firing pattern. 

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Wrap Up

This is it,  Resident Evil 8 /best Handguns, you are now already aware of them, so make sure that you purchase them as quickly as possible to make it easier for you to defeat your enemies throughout the game.

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