Is Battlefield 2042 Good Now

Ever since its launch in 2021, there has been a disappointment in Battlefield 2042 due to various bugs it came with. As the players couldn’t progress further in the game, everyone was waiting for the game to be better and the developers also worked on it. After so many improvisations, the question is, Is Battlefield 2042 good now? 

Battlefield 2042 has definitely been improvised with its 1.0 update version where a number of bugs and glitches from the game have been fixed and a lot of other changes have also been made. This means that the game is good, in short, better than before, but it has still not reached the epitome. 

Battlefield 2042 is a shooter game played in the first person. The game was released in November 2021 but every single person who tried it was not happy with the way it worked. There were so many issues with this underdeveloped game that players couldn’t even advance in it. This is why the developers took it into consideration and updated the game. 

Now the thing we need to know is, whether the game has become good enough to play without many issues. So, we shall discuss here all the changes and fixes done by the Battlefield 2042 team. 

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Is Battlefield 2042 Good Now?  

There are a lot of changes made in the 1.0 version of battlefield 2042. As we discuss them all, you will know for yourself whether the game is any good now or the same as before. 

Improved Soldier Gameplay

First and foremost, the soldier gameplay has been improved as a result of which, the movement as well as the animations, both have become far more smooth than before. 

Updated Weapons

As you play the game, you will see that they have also further done a balance pass and thus the DMR and LMGs have got higher projectile speeds. Due to this, the accuracy of the Shotguns has improved to a great level. 

Apart from this, the Netcode of the weapons has also been updated. This has vastly improved the hit registration of the bullet. 

Improvisations In Sundance’s Wingsuit

The developers have also adjusted Sundance’s Wingsuit to overall lower flight time. It is now quite easier to maneuver Sundance’s Wingsuit. They also removed the EMP Field Smart explosive to bring simplification to their specialty. 

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More XP Events

Now the game also has a number of new XP events where you will get XP for killing any recently wounded enemy. You will receive more XP even by killing a squadmate. Also, if you have recently damaged the vehicle of an enemy, and a teammate of yours destroys it and kills its occupant, you will also receive XP for that. 

More In-World Vehicles

You will also see a wider range of in-world vehicles in the game for the Conquest. With help of this, you will easily be able to move across the game’s map. 

Fixed Bugs

Bugs were the main reasons stopping players from continuing the gameplay. And now, many glitches and bugs that were previously experienced in the game and prevented the players from progressing in the game and receiving XP have been fixed in the updated version of Battlefield 2042. 

However, you will still find some bugs while playing the game, and for a game that has already been released for so long, this is not acceptable. But it is the concept of the game that doesn’t let the gamers ignore it. 

So, overall, when you will play the updated 1.0 version of Battlefield 2042, you will not be as disappointed as before, and the game will work well enough for you to play, except for a few minor glitches and issues. Hopefully, that would also be made better with time. 

Wrap Up

You know all the new improvisations made to the game Battlefield 2042. Thus, now you yourself know the answer to ‘Is Battlefield 2042 good now’ by checking through if the game has considered the changes that you felt should be made. Share this with your friends who were also dissatisfied with Battlefield 2042 so that they can also see if the game is playable for them now or not.

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