How To Get An Upgrade In Pokemon Go?

After getting Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon Go, are you now ready to know how to get an Upgrade in Pokemon Go? An upgrade is one of the most important items in Pokemon Go. By considering its importance, we came up with this article for you.

Well!! The main method to get an Upgrade in Pokemon Go is by spinning the Pokestops. But, the chances are 1 in 7. Why? The full information for that is discussed in the later article. 

If you are really desperate to add Upgrade to your list of evolutionary items for Pokemon Go, then reading the full article is a must for you, where we have covered practically everything regarding Upgrade.

How To Get An Upgrade In Pokemon Go?

You can potentially obtain one of the evolutionary items in Pokemon Go mostly via spinning Pokestops. There is a possibility that one of the evolutionary items will drop every time a Pokestop is spun. 

The problem is that there is a 1% possibility that this will actually occur. Anyone who receives an upgrade in this manner should consider themselves very fortunate.

However, there is a technique for people to raise these chances. One of the evolutionary items will always be awarded on the last day if they can maintain a streak of spinning a Pokestop once every day for a whole week. Therefore, people would have a 1 in 7 chance of receiving an Upgrade for Pokemon Go every week. 

What Is An Upgrade In Pokemon Go?

There are several evolution items in Pokemon Go and the Upgrade is also one of them which you can use if you want to develop your Gen 1 Pokemon into brand-new Gen 2 evolutions when coupled with Pokemon candy. Evolutions items were allegedly promised as rewards for 7-day Pokestop streaks at first, but such claims have since been denied.

What Is The Use Of Upgrade In Pokemon Go?

If you have Porygon in Pokemon Go, and you want to evolve it in the next generation, i.e. in Porygon2. Then, for that, you must need Upgrade which helps you to evolve Porygon into Porygon2 in Pokemon Go.

How Many Evolutionary Items Are There In Pokemon Go?

One of Pokemon Go’s seven evolving items is Upgrade. These items, with the exception of two, are all from the main series games and are required for some Pokemon to evolve. Below is a list of all 7 evolutionary items of Pokemon Go:

  • Upgrade
  • King’s Rock
  • Dragon Scale
  • Metal Coat
  • Sun Stone
  • Sinnoh Stone
  • Unova Stone


An upgrade is one of the most challenging Pokemon Go items to locate but now you exactly know how to get an upgrade in Pokemon Go. The only and the main method to get an upgrade or any evolutionary item in Pokemon Go is by spinning Pokesteps. 

Because chances of getting an Upgrade in Pokemon Go are less, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t get the Upgrade. Although it will take time, you will undoubtedly receive an upgrade. So, never miss the opportunity to add Upgrade to your list, because it will definitely help you in the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pokemon can you evolve with Upgrade?

You can evolve Porygon into Porygon 2, by using the Upgrade in Pokemon Go.

What is a Porygon in Pokemon Go?

Porygon is a synthetic pokemon created entirely from computer code. Having a body that is pink polyhedral, Porygon has a blue front. Its feet have a triangular prism shape while its tail is a rectangular prism, both blue in color. When it comes to the most hard-to-find Pokemon, Porygon is always on the list.

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