Is Xerneas Good In Pokemon Go?

Are you planning to catch the Fairy Type Pokemon Xerneas in Pokemon GO? But wait! Did you make a complete research on whether is Xerneas good in Pokemon GO or not? If not, we are going to let you know today whether is Xerneas good in Pokemon Go or not. 

In Pokemon Go, you will find a wide range of Pokemon, each being different from the other. This makes the players confused about which Pokemon to catch for their team and which one to skip. Well, if you gain entire information about a Pokemon, you will know if it is worth your time or not. 

Xerneas is a good Pokemon in Pokemon Go but definitely not the best one. If you are looking for a species suitable for the Great League, Xernea’s CP is not going to fit, however, for Master League and Ultra League, you can use it but we cannot assure your victory due to lack of Fast Attack in the case of a Xerneas. 

We know that there is a lot more about Xernea that you wish to find out and you will know if you continue to read. 

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Is Xerneas Good In Pokemon Go?

Never ever underestimate or over-estimate a Pokemon unless you know everything about it. Sometimes, even the strongest Pokemon is of no use to you because it is not capable of the situation you need it in. while, on the other side, sometimes even a weak Pokemon can help you out throughout the game. 

Thus, you should always decide a Pokemon’s worth depending upon what situation you need that species for. And if it is compatible with your requirements, only then go ahead and catch it for yourself. 

Let us now find out all the important facts about a Xernea so that you do not have any doubt about this Pokemon. 

First of all,  here are the stats of a Xerneas in Pokemon Go, have a look:

1. STA – 246

2. ATK – 250

3. DEF – 185

Let us also know which types of attacks a Xerneas can deal with easily in Pokemon Go. Here is a list of all the Pokemon Types to which a Xerneas shows enough resistance. 

1. Dragon Type Attack – can deal 39% damage

2. Dark Type Attack – can deal 63% damage

3. Bug Type Attack – can deal 63% damage

4. Fighting Type Attack – can deal 63% damage

Apart from this, there are only two types of attacks to which a Xerneas is quite vulnerable and can take quite a good amount of damage:

1. Steel Type Attack – 160% damage

2. Poison Type Attack – 160% damage

If we talk about the best Movesets that a Xerneas can have, then here is what you need to be aware of:

The best offensive moves for a Xerneas are believed to be Tackle (10 DPS) and Giga Impact (42.6 DPS). Thunder, Megahorn, and Close Combat are some other charged moves that a Xerneas can use. 

In the case of defensive moves for a Xerneas, you must consider Zen Headbutt (10/9 DPS) and Giga Impact (42.6 DPS). 

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If we talk about the charged moves, undoubtedly, Xerneas has quite a good collection of attacks with a very high DPS. however, there are not really good Fast Moves available for a Xerneas to use which degrades its worth to a great level. 

Is Xerneas Worth It In Pokemon Go?

On the whole, we believe that Xerneas is not that bad, however, it also is not one of the best choices you can have in terms of a Fairy Type Pokemon. The most important reason behind this is that this species is not capable of good fast attacks. The lack of a very important reliable move, Dazzling Gleam, that requires only 50 energy, really gives a blow. 

There is nothing bad in having a Xerneas in Pokemon Go as long as you do not find a better Fairy Type Pokemon for yourself. Also, who knows if Niantic soon gives Xerneas a good Fast Fairy Type Move to this species like Charm or Fairy Wind, or maybe Baby-Doll Eyes. 

Wrap Up

We think that now you know if you should get a Xerneas or not. If you haven’t been able to find a superior Pokemon yet, you should definitely have this one as an option till then. If there is any other Pokemon you need to know about, tell us in the comments.

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