How To Get Tropius Pokemon Go 2022?

Of all the Grass Type Pokemon, Tropius stands out due to being of the Dual Type with its flying nature, so if you have it in Pokemon Go, you definitely get an edge over the other players who don’t own it. That is why it is necessary for you to know how to get Tropius Pokemon Go. 

To get Tropius in Pokemon Go, you must move to Africa where this Pokemon is exclusively found. In Africa, you must look around in the farmlands, hiking trails, woodlands, gardens, or any grassy areas. However, if you can’t go to Africa, we surely have another great option for you with which you can find this Pokemon in your own location, but you will need to keep reading to find that out. 

There are some regional exclusive Pokemon present in the game Pokemon Go which means that they are found only in a particular continent or a particular country, just like a Tropius that falls under the same category, so it is mandatory for the players to first know where this Pokemon is exactly located. 

If you really wish to get a Tropius for yourself in Pokemon Go, then this is the right place for you to gather all the required information about this Pokemon. 

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How To Get Tropius Pokemon Go?

If you want to catch a Tropius, it would be better if you live in or around Africa because that is where this Pokemon is found. 

Here are the most appropriate locations within Africa where a Tropius is most likely to be spawning and easier for you to find:

1. Farmland.

2. Grassy Areas

3. Gardens

4. Hiking Trails

5. Woodland

In Africa, a Tropius is not at all a rare Pokemon, all you need is to visit the right location and you will be able to encounter a lot of them within a day. When you encounter one, all you have to do is take a Pokeball and make a perfect throw that hits the Pokemon as a result of which you will get it caught for yourself. 

It will be easier for you to catch it if you do that in a flying position because we already told you that it is a sub-flying Type Pokemon. 

To find a Tropius more precisely, you can seek help from the Poke Fairy map that will tell you exactly where all the Tropius around you are present, thus, you can accordingly visit the locations and make your chance on catching the Pokemon. 

If going to Africa is not feasible for you, you can also trade a Tropius with your friend who owns one with the help of the required amount of Stardust. 

While reading this, a lot of players must be disappointed because of the fact that they would need to move to Africa for this Pokemon nor have any friend who owns a Tropius. But, we have a solution for those players too for whom it is not possible to go to Africa just for the sake of catching a Tropius. 

So, if you cannot go to Africa, you can just simply Spoof your Location in Pokemon Go which can be done by using good GPS Spoofing software along with a reliable VPN application. Through this, you can fake your location and pretend that you are actually in Africa while you are originally at some other place. This way, you will have access to the locations in Africa, henceforth, you can also catch all the Pokemon that are exclusively found in Africa, including Tropius. 

This same technique of spoofing your location in Pokemon Go can be used for whichever location you need to move to which depends upon the Pokemon you want to catch. Just make one thing sure that you spoof your location carefully because if Pokemon Go finds out any discrepancy in that, you will be banned from playing the game which you would definitely not want to happen. 

Wrap Up

We hope that you will easily be able to get Tropius in Pokemon whether or not you are in Africa. So, what is all this wait for? Without wasting any time, set forth to obtain this amazing Pokemon that will be of great use for you in the game in the future.

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