How To Get Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits? Easy Ways

As everybody knows, Blox Fruits are all about dealing with the damage in the game. It includes a lot of fighting styles. Now the good news is that a new fighting style is announced in Blox Fruits. Are you aware of that? It’s Dragon Breath.

But, How To Get Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits? We will discuss everything related to it further in this article.

Well!! Getting Dragon Breath is not a big task. You can easily get it from NPC Sabi for 1500 Fragments. Getting 1500 Fragments is the goal of the game. After collecting 1500 Fragments, you will be able to unlock Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits.

Here’s all covered in the article which will help you in getting 1500 Fragments and then Dragon Breath.

How To Get Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits?

An NPC by the name of Sabi can teach players the Dragon Breath Fighting Method. He can be found in the Second Sea’s Kingdom of Rose region. Talked to the NPC by going up the arched entryway. It does require 1500 fragments. After that, you will be able to get Dragon Breath.

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How To Get Fragments In Blox Fruits?

Fragments can be purchased by players by using Robux in the store. If you do not have Robux or do not wish to purchase them, there is a method to obtain them in-game.

  • To obtain 1500 Fragments, you must defeat rip Indra or Blackbeard/Darkbeard, but these battles won’t be easy. They are bosses of levels 1000 and 5000, which explains why.
  • 250K Beli, as well as 2500 Fragments, can be earned by defeating a YouTuber.
  • Don’t forget to look in the Mirage Island Fragments Chest
  • Additionally, players can battle a Sea Beast to gain 250 Fragments and a Ship Raid to gain 200 Fragments.
  • In addition, individuals who successfully finish Fruit Raids can receive 1000 Fragments, but only if they survive the raid.
  • Last but not least, you can obtain additional Fragments by eliminating Elite Pirates and Training Dummy.

After doing these steps, you can meet up with Sabi if you have gathered the required number of Fragments. Engage him in conversation and select Trade. In Roblox Blox Fruits, this is how you obtain Dragon Breath.

Moveset Of Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits

  • Dragon Rush- Z
  • Dragon Flames- X
  • Dragon Explosion- C

Pros Of Dragon Breath Moveset In Blox Fruits

  • People are simple to catch with the Z move, which temporarily blinds them.
  • If the first “dash” connects, the Z move also has the potential to deal extra damage.
  • It has some excellent hitboxes, very decent damage, and range.
  • The C move is excellent for grinding because it has a large hitbox.
  • All moves have more than one target, allowing you to damage different foes at once.
  • Inexpensively priced. It only takes one kill of Darkbeard.
  • X move can be used to run and knock back foes in PvP.

Cons Of Dragon Breath Moveset In Blox Fruits

  • Because the Z and C motions are sluggish, Flash Step can easily avoid them.
  • This approach generally has a disadvantage against ranged weapons because of its slowness and close range.
  • It is also simple to respond to for all the same reasons.
  • The X move can be predicted extremely well.
  • High levels of mastery are required for lesser levels.
  • The only Z-move that is negative for movement is Dragon Rush because it will halt you after the first run for around a half-second.
  • Buddha doesn’t fare well because of the poor m1 speed.
  • Heavy knockback is dealt.


You may find a comprehensive guide to obtaining 1500 fragments here. You will then be able to unlock Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits. Once you have Dragon Breath, you must use it in boss, NPC, and player battles to grind it up to 400 mastery. Getting Dragon Breath in Blox Fruits is a benefit. So, you surely try to get it for dealing with more damage in the game.

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