How To Get Dragon Ore For Monster Hunter Rise?

Dragon Ore is a more advanced crafting material employed in making weapons and armor. But you don’t have to be confused about how to get Dragon Ore. Although Dragon Ore is somewhat more difficult to locate,  you can still obtain it by following some vital procedures.

If you are a player of the Monster Hunter Rise Game, then you must be aware of the importance of Dragon Ore for this game. But most people don’t know that “How To Get Dragon Ore For Monster Hunter Rise”? And “From Where You Will Find Them”?

This article explains where to obtain Dragon Ore in Monster Hunter Rise as well as where to farm it.

How To Get Dragon Ore For Monster Hunter Rise?

To get Dragon Ore for Monter Hunter Rise you have to head towards the Lava Caverns biome because the Dragon Ore is located in the Lava Cavern biome. In short, both Low rank and high-rank quests to the Lava Caverns provide Dragon Ore. 

There are numerous ore veins to be mined throughout the entire region, and each one has a chance to provide Dragon Ore. You should have enough Dragon Ore after a few journeys if you want to spend some time investigating to use Dragon Breath and defeat the Elite Fo-oh, wrong game.  

Go there, then click X to choose the icon for the Mining Outcrops on your detailed map after opening it.

How Mining Outcrops Helpful In Getting Dragon Ore?

On your map, there are two different kinds of mining outcrops that you can select from:

  • Blue Mining Outcrop
  • White Mining Outcrop

The white mining outcrops are more likely than the blue mining outcrops to contain Dragon Ore. While the blue mining outcrops give common ore, the white mining outcrops provide unusual ore.

How To Farm Dragon Ore In Monster Hunter Rise?

Exploring the Lava Caverns is the most effective way to farm Dragon Ore. You can harvest the mining outcrop there for Dragon Ore until you have enough by going to each one as soon as you arrive.

Use Of Dragon Ore In Monster Hunter Rise

Dragon ore is the most important crafting material used in making weapons and armor.


Keep this in mind, that this is the only complete guide for getting Dragon Ore In Monster Hunter Rise. By following these simple, easy, and small steps you will be able to collect Dragon Ore which can be used for making weapons in order to give you benefit and increase your chances of winning the game Monster Hunter Rise.

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