How To Get Elite TM Pokemon Go

If you want to make your Pokemon learn a new move of your choice, then you will need to know how to get Elite TM Pokemon Go. We searched a lot and then finally found out after a lot of exploring how these Elite TMs are exactly obtained. So, are you ready to choose some moves that will help you in the game later? 

To get Elite TM Pokemon Go, you will have to take part in some special events such as community Days and purchase your TMs from there, or you can also get them as rewards if you get a higher rank in the Go battle league in the game. You can also complete some special research tasks for which you will be rewarded with these Elite TMs.

What Is Elite TM In Pokemon Go?

In the game Pokemon Go, like any other Pokemon game, there are TMs, which are the Technical Machines that are needed to teach some new moves to our Pokemon. There are in total four kinds of TMs in Pokemon Go namely Fast TMs, Charged TMs, Elite Fast TMs, and Elite Charged TMs.

As for the Elite TM, it is the one that lets the players choose which one among the different moves they want to equip their Pokemon with, and because of its great importance, it is quite rare to get in the game.

So you can see that the Elite TMs are further dividable into two categories: Elite Charged TMs and Elite Charged TMs respectively. The former ones let the players choose their favorite move while the latter one lets you teach your Pokemon a fast technique. 

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How To Get Elite TM Pokemon Go?

You can either purchase Elite TMs in Pokemon Go or get them as rewards, but in both the cases, this type of TM is rare to get. Since the Elite TMs are unique in themselves, their supply is also limited for a particular time duration. 

There are three things that will get you the chance to obtain Elite TMs for your Pokemon, these are: 

1. Community Days

2. Go Battle Leagues 

3. Research Tasks

Let us help you understand how you can get Elite TMs in all the possible cases in Pokemon Go. 

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How To Get Elite TM Pokemon Go In Community Days?

The first method for obtaining Elite TMs in Pokemon Go that we are going to discuss here is the one where you will need to loosen up your pockets. Yes, you can directly purchase Elite TMs in the game if you need them. 

However, you will not find Elite TMs in your Pokemon Go in-game store every other day, it is only during the monthly Community Days when you will find the Community Days Boxes in the store, so you can purchase and open them and you will be able to obtain Elite TM in the game. 

Remember that it is not like you will always get an Elite TM from these Community Days Boxes, it is just a matter of luck, so you can try your luck out. 

How To Get Elite TM Pokemon Go In Go Battle Leagues?

Another method to claim Elite TM in Pokemon Go is by taking part in the Go Battle Leagues. In these leagues, you will be able to compete against the other players in the game and based upon their progress in the league, they will win ranks and rewards that are guaranteed. 

The plates who will get higher rankings in the game will be able to win either Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs in the form of end-of-session rewards, so, you can go for this. 

How To Get Elite TM Pokemon Go Through Research Tasks?

Another simple and free method that will let you get Elite TM in the game is by completing the research tasks that will be assigned to you in the game. 

You can go to your unique research page and check for any unfinished assignments, where you will also be shown the prizes that you will receive on completing them, some of which reward you Elite TMs. 

Especially, during the Team Go Rocket Events, you will get assigned more such special research tasks that will reward you with Elite Fast or Elite Charged TMs. This one is definitely the easiest way in which you can get Elite TMs for your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. 

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Wrap Up

This is it, the only three ways in which you can get Elite TMs in Pokemon Go are on your tips now, so, do not wait any longer and just go ahead to get these and make your Pokemon better than ever to advance further in the game.

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