How To Get Ghost Pokemon In Pokemon Go | Where To Find Ghost Pokemon 2022

You must be collecting the most powerful Pokemon, that’s why you want to know how to get Ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Go. After all, anyone would want to own the unique Pokemon species that can get them the most advantage over the game. 

Pokemon Go is a famous AR mobile video game that almost everyone loves to play, let alone Pokemon fans. There is a variety of Pokemon characters which they have to catch from around their geographical location. One of these Pokemon is the Ghost Pokemon which is quite a powerful one and the rarest too. 

How to get Ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Answer: The ghost-type Pokemon usually spawn at midnight time so it is better that you look for them in the dark. There are chances to get one in the early morning as well. To lure a Ghost Pokemon, you can also make use of the Magnetic Lure Module. 

Want to know in detail about the Ghost Pokemon and how you can get one for yourself? Then keep reading and find out. 

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How To Get Ghost Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

How To Get Ghost Pokemon In Pokemon Go

There are certain ghost-type Pokemon that you can catch in the game Pokemon Go. some of these are Misdreavus, Sableye, Haunter, Shuppet, Gastly, and Gengar. All of these are too rare to get your hands laid on them, but of course, it is not impossible to catch one. 

There are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of catching ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Go. 

The first thing you should do is to turn on the game Pokemon Go in the morning time before 9 am and you will have a good chance to catch a ghost Pokemon because it might be roaming around in your location. 

However, if you do not have any issue with going out at midnight, then prefer the night time because, in the dark, you will definitely get a ghost-type Pokemon. So, looking for a ghost Pokemon at midnight is the best way to catch one. 

Although midnight time is the best time to catch a ghost pokemon in Pokemon Go, always ensure your safety and do not leave your home that late alone as you always have the early morning time as well. 

As the ghost pokemon is one of the rarest ones, it will be found in rare weather as well. The rarest weather in Pokemon Go is foggy weather, so if you get this kind of weather in your location, then you are going to get a ghost Pokemon without much effort. 

Some people have been seen to have a query: Do Ghost Pokemon spawn in Graveyards? Well, the answer is a big NO. If you are visiting graveyards to look for the ghost Pokemon, then you are simply wasting your precious time and nothing else, so, there is no need to go there. 

What Lure Attracts Ghost Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

How To Get Ghost Pokemon In Pokemon Go - Magnetic Lure Module

If you want to attract the Ghost Pokemon to catch it easily, then you can lure the Pokemon with the help of the Magnetic Lure Module. This is a pokemon that is used for attracting the wild Pokemon. The Pokemon will be attracted to the PokeStop location for thirty minutes after using it. This way, it will become a bit easier to get your wild Ghost Pokemon. 

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Wrap Up

Now you know all the things that need to be taken into consideration if you really want to get a Ghost Pokemon. Since now you know how to get Ghost Pokemon in Pokemon Go, do not wait any longer and get one for yourself and add it to your Pokemon collection in the game. 

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